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    Dec 25th 2017

    I just opened this crate today. Crate was sealed well. These are ma crates you need some muscle to open them without destroying the crate. It will be repurposed in my man cave. The axe is a nice size and weight. Halfway between a hatchet and a 3/4 axe. Very dull blade but takes an edge well. Sharpening stone is handy but a small file speeds up the process. Offermans book looks interesting. Overall great gift for anyone that likes the outdoors and the manly arts!

    Jason Tiffany
    Feb 10th 2017
    Very happy

    Just received my gift and am pleasantly surprised. The ax is the perfect size and heft to bridge the gap between a limited hatchet and light ax that is still to big for most jobs. Good heft and length to the monogrammed handle. Very happy! The honing stone is useful. I can't speak to the book as I just got my crate, but have enjoyed other works by Nick Offerman so I doubt I'll be disappointed by his humor.

    Jan 1st 2018
    Not as impressed after opening

    Second review: Hudson Tools are high end. This axe is probably a B or C grade head. Took a long time to grind and file out all the defects and the axe face still has 60 grit stripes in it. Kind of a bummer. Axe handle is unfinished. Needs to be varnished or waxed so it doesn't delaminate in the weather. I used bees wax and olive oil to treat mine. For this price they should include the leather sheath for the axe. I am a woodsman and an Eagle Scout, for $150 there should be a better finish and sheath. Book is great, Nick is a guru on woodworking and life. I'm growing my nick beard.

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