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    Jun 9th 2018
    Super Cool

    My best friend sent this for me and my family knowing we are huge CBJ fans. We were thrilled right down to the hockey stick bottle opener. I told her as far as gifts go, she hit it out of the park or in this case, put the puck in the back of the net!!! I even have a use for the crate.

    Dec 25th 2017
    Christmas WIN

    My boyfriend loved it. The puck coasters are really high quality and the glasses are exactly what he wanted.

    Apr 22nd 2017
    He LOVED it!!

    My husband was so surprised and absolutely loved the game-used puck coasters and hockey stick opener! This was an awesome crate!

    Apr 6th 2017
    Amazing concept.

    So I seen this package on the porch having no idea what it was or who could have sent it. I opened it up and seen nothing but a pry bar on the top of it. Of course I opened it, because after all it had my name on it. When I got it open, I smiled like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. This is the best gift I've ever received and I would absolutely suggest this gift for any guy. It is the perfect gift.

    Joy Eriks
    Dec 27th 2016
    Surprised the Hubby AGAIN!!!!

    Thank you, Man Crates, for helping make this Christmas an especially fun one! This NHL Barware Man Crate is FANTASTIC! My hubby is a HUGE St. Louis Blues fan. He had no idea what he was getting into when he unwrapped the box. "A crowbar? Seriously???" LOL You betcha! It's all in the fun of the gift giving. He loved the challenge, and was absolutely astounded when he FINALLY got the crate open to see the glasses. But, the best part was seeing his face when I explained about the hockey puck coasters and hockey stick bottle opener. He was stunned and a bit awestruck. Needless to say, I will be purchasing another gift soon. Thank you!

    Sep 22nd 2016
    Fan-darn-tastic Surprise

    At first I didn't know who my crate was from, and then I saw the card and "hoped" it was from my wife (and not some stalker) since it said some loving things. I think she was getting me back for the taping I do every year on her Christmas gifts, because the box was sealed REALLY well (thank you for the mini crowbar). When I looked inside, I saw the Blackhawks package which will be part of the collection in my Man Cave (okay - it's just a bedroom acting as my home office/play room). I'm also going to keep the crate and use it as a wall shelf or garbage can (maybe a foot stool). Now that I know about MANCRATE, I will definitely order more items for myself and other friends/family.

    Mar 30th 2016
    Boyfriend Approved

    I was really struggling to find a birthday gift for my boyfriend of 5 years. A website suggested Man Crates and, knowing how much he loves hockey and the Minnesota Wild, I went ahead and purchased this. He loves it, and all of his brothers want one now too! It came exactly on time and in perfect condition (although he jokingly wanted to say it was broken so he could get more!). I will definitely order from here again.

    Feb 9th 2016
    Best Gift Ever!

    I gave this to my husband as a Christmas gift. We were not going to exchange gifts as we just purchased a home. Well, I couldn't help myself and when I gave it to him he wasn't too happy. However, he had so much fun prying it open and it was full of all of his favorite Blackhawk goodies that he told me he wasn't mad and he loved it!! Just order it!! You'll be glad you did!!

    Jan 11th 2016
    Super Gift!!

    Bought this for the BF for Christmas! Watching him open it, duct tape and all was fun for me and he was thrilled with the everything inside. I think his favorite thing was the hockey puck coasters. Such an awesome gift idea and we're going to buy a crate for a friend for his birthday :)

    Dec 30th 2015
    Best gift ever!

    He had no clue what it could even be! He loved the idea of the crate and especially loved all the NHL stuff he got! Will definitely be buying from again.

    Dec 28th 2015
    Xmas Gift

    I bought this for my sons father for xmas, he is a huge hockey fan- he thought it was really cool the way it was packaged, the kids thought so as well. He liked it very much! I will order from here in the future - great gift ideas!!!!

    Dec 25th 2015
    Best Gift I got this Year!

    NHL EDMONTON OILERS crate....glasses, coasters, snacks and pry bar to open. OUTSTANDING!!!

    Dec 10th 2015
    fantastic gift

    I bought this for my husband for his birthday because he's a major hockey fan. He loved it! Such a hit!

    Nov 18th 2015
    For my Boss

    Wanted to send a Thank you to my boss and this made the perfect gift. He really liked it and I was glad I was able to find something he would enjoy that didn't cost a fortune.

    Tina C.
    Nov 4th 2015
    He's gonna love it!

    Or she. NHL barware...wrapped in a sealed wood crate...wrapped in a box...wrapped (completed encased) in duct tape! Who wouldn't love this?

    Oct 31st 2015
    Great gift

    Sent this to my son for his Birthday-he went crazy! I will send Man crates to my friends

    Oct 21st 2015
    He loved it!

    Man Crates is one of the coolest websites I found for manly gifts. Not only does the gift come in a wooden crate with its own crowbar but it comes with super cool items inside. He got 4 NHL glasses, hockey puck coasters, a bottle opener made from a used hockey stick, and a few top rated snacks! They have tons of different choices for the gifts in the crate but my husband Brendan loves his Flyers! Thank you so much for making my first anniversary gift to my husband so easy! He loves it!!

    Oct 9th 2015
    Super Awesome

    Super Awesome Gift, my husband had a blast opening it up and just in time for the season!

    Tiffany Foshee
    Jun 17th 2018
    Bottom fell out

    These are so cool! However, I wish I would have read the reviews before placing my order. The top of crate is glued together but the bottom is nailed with tiny tacking nails that are not even close to the proper size to support the weight of what’s inside. As soon as my boyfriend picked up the crate the bottom fell out!!!! :( We we’re really looking forward to laughing at him while he tried to jimmy this crate open! Didn’t happen. My suggestion...if you buy these and ship them to your house, open them up and secure the bottom. I wanted to ship a few of these out as gifts but I know without a doubt the bottom will not be secure. Such a great idea though! Hoping these guys come up with a better way to secure the bottom in the future! I love the idea all together!

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