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    Mar 5th 2019
    Awesome bag

    I received one as a gift and sent 2 more as gifts. Very cool and unique gift for new dad's. I want to buy more as gifts but they are discontinued!

    Oct 24th 2018
    Amazing gift for a new father

    It’s a durable bag that men would want to carry around. Lasts forever too!

    Bo Bentley
    Aug 21st 2016
    The Best!!!!

    I received this as a gift from my brother-in-law before my son was born... PERFECT!! My wife and I have showed it to everyone! The ONLY problem? I went to by one for my other B.I.L. who's having a girl... there's no girl version :( Something to think about guys!

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Kurtis Morgan
    Jul 8th 2016
    Perfect gift

    I bought this for my little bother that just had a baby and he absolutely LOVES it! He continues to give me thanks and praises over how amazing the pack is and how much he uses it. Highly recommended this gift...almost bought one for myself but my Son is 5.

    Jaclyn Fawcett
    Jun 11th 2016
    Best Purchase Ever

    I bought this to announce to my husband that we were pregnant. I had to overnight it because I couldn't wait to tell him. It showed up overnight as promised. He absolutely loved it. He loved the bag and everything that came with it. I'm so happy with this purchase!! I will be buying more.

    L Hausler
    Jan 18th 2016
    perfect new dad gift

    Got this for some close friends for their baby shower. Great gift for the soon-to-be new dad as baby and mom tend to gets lots of fun stuff but sometimes dad gets a little "left out". Great quality and he sent text with his picture and his new man bag. Said it was absolutely awesome!

    Dec 9th 2015
    Not Bad

    As it is a Christmas gift, I have not yet given it to my son but it appears to be of pretty good quality without having unpacked it. It sure would be nice if this too came in a crate. Plain ol' box just seems to take away all the awesomeness and excitement.

    Nov 2nd 2015
    Best Gift

    I ordered this for a close buddy after he had his new baby boy. He called me right after fedex delivered it and said it was the best gift he has gotten through the whole new born process. His wife thought it was great too!

    Oct 29th 2015
    Great Gift for a Dad

    My brother and I work in the same office and it was a perfect baby shower gift for him from all of us. Funny, for HIM not anyone else, and it was very well received and practical.

    Jul 24th 2015
    awesome new dad gift

    i bought this for my son, whom is going to be a daddy!
    very neat concept, the bag could be a little bit wider,but overall a great gift for a new dad

    Gabriel Rivas
    Jun 23rd 2015
    Perfect New Dad Gift

    I previously got this for my first brother-in-law. He thought it was f**king awesome. So my other brother-in-law now got his for Father's day in anticipation of his mini-me. He also thinks it is f**king awesome. Apparently the manual has some pretty cool tips.

    Jun 23rd 2015
    It was a gift well received!

    I bought this as a gift for my brother and he thought it was awesome. I've purchase from man crate for him before and it's always been a fun gift for him. I'll definitely be returning for other male friends and family members. He can't wait to put his baby girl in the camo beanie and blanket lol.

    May 27th 2015
    Awesome Dad Gear!!!

    Top to bottom, inside and out, totally cool bag for a manly man having a baby!!! All the gear that came with was fun, cool, functional, and totally necessary for guys getting ready to have a baby... I got this for my buddy because guys tend to get the shaft when it comes to getting cool stuff when a baby comes along and my buddy is a guy's guy so walking around with a doodled flower diaper bag would really look out of place so I'm sure he thanks us Man Crates for not letting him walk around like a little fairy...

    May 22nd 2015
    copywriter excellence

    Would love to know if your internal marketing department hires that copywriting out or has hired them full time. Whoever it is, THEY ROCK! Very well positioned, and target appropriate! Jealous. I would love to work for such a creative and fun product management team!

    Mar 23rd 2015
    awesome product

    I love everything about this product. Fast shipping. Thank you

    Dec 25th 2014
    Very creative, thoughtful, and insightful gift!

    What a great and creative company! This gift was so cool, it has so many things that will come in handy for taking care of my son. I am beyond happy with this.

    Dec 19th 2014
    ManCrate Strikes Again

    Latest in a string of perfect MC gifts! Everyone loves them! Our son is ex-airborne and got a big kick out of it.

    Dec 10th 2014
    Marine- New Dad

    I bought this gift for my husband who is a Marine, we are expecting our first child and he didn't want to have a "normal" diaper bag. This is his Christmas gift and ManCrates was SO wonderful in helping to make it perfect! I highly recommend not just this gift but any of their gifts!

    Nancy N ickoles
    Oct 21st 2014
    G I normas hit!

    Just had a Coed baby shower for my youngest son and his Baby Momma.All of the guys were checking it out and the Daddys, (especially my oldest son, who is the father of four boys) were giving me grief because I didn't get them one when their kids were born! Although, I don't know if my son is going to get to use it because his girlfriend liked it even more than he did! I got the duct tape wrap and that was as big a hit with the guys as the bag was! They were all giving him advice on how to open it. I made them put all their knives away so he had to open it strip by strip.Lol
    I knew it was going to be a big hit so I had the forethought to print up a paper with your website written on it. I did 50 slips and they were all gone by the time the party was over. Which was funny because there were only 40 guests and 9 of them were kids! I will definitely be buying more man crates! Two of my sons have already put in their Christmas requests!

    Sep 24th 2014
    Best gift for new dads.

    I got this for my brother. He will be a new dad in less then a month. It was a big hit. They will use it to the fullest. The best part is the "Baby owners manual" book.

    Aug 11th 2014
    Great gift idea!

    Purchased 2 for clients that just had babies and they both loved them! Thank you for a unique idea for the dads! There isn't much out there for the fellas so I appreciated your creativity! Will be back for future gifts!

    Jun 25th 2014

    I ordered two of the New Dad bags as gifts for Fathers-to-be, and they were incredible! Splurge for the diabolical duct tape wrapping - I did and the responses to the packaging alone were well worth the additional cost. It's now my go-to gift for new dads!

    Jun 25th 2014
    Big Hit

    I gave this to my bro-in-law in prep for the arrival of his son/my nephew. HUGE hit. Even my hard to please sister loved it... she was most thankful for the baby owner manual.

    Chris S
    Jun 18th 2014
    Tactical Man Bag

    This was a huge hit with my brother who is a brand new dad!

    Amanda Lee
    Jun 16th 2014
    Man Diaper Bag

    My hubs loves this bag!! LOVED it!! I was nervous to give him such a gift but I knew he needed a manly diaper bag. After opening the box, he kept looking at the gift and saying "I love it!" The bag is so durable, filled with fun things, only a new dad would appreciate. Very manly! Very fun! I will definitely buy more of these for new dads. A+!

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