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    Dec 10th 2019

    Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He loved it:) Very useful box.

    Connie P.
    Oct 23rd 2019
    Awesome Father's Day gift

    Bought 2 - one for hubs, one for son. The son got the diabolical duct tape. Both love them and have put them to good use. Hubs loves the tool roll. Fits perfectly in his saddle bag along with the charger. Son just got his bike and loves the kit!

    Bud Harrity
    Sep 21st 2019
    great gift

    Received this on time from my kids for my birthday. I had been looking for a tool roll, anyway. The guardian bell worked nicely as a Porsche Carrera pulled right out in front of me the first day I hung it. Missed hitting it by inches. Anyhow, the tools are high quality. I always use a battery tender. So, I'll start using it as well. Great gift for a biker.

    T Murphy
    Jun 21st 2019
    Perfect Father's Day Gift

    My kids sent this to me for Father's Day and it is an AWESOME gift for a motorcycle rider. You get this cool little crowbar to open it, then it contains some really essential gear for your bike. Was just about to order a travel took kit and get this delivered. Perfect timing. Very happy biker father here!!! Also a great gift for someone getting a new motorcycle.

    Lisa L
    Feb 12th 2019
    Awesome gift

    My husband recieved this from his sister..super creative and very useful!

    Apr 24th 2018

    I ordered this for my fiance with the diabolical duct tape which is a must. He had no idea what it was and loved it when he finally got it open. Very impressed with the contents inside and will definitely be ordering another crate soon.

    M. Simonson
    Apr 6th 2018
    Very cool and very unique gift!

    My husband absolutely loved this gift. I was so pleased it arrived exactly when expected and in time for his birthday. The crate is packaged so cool, very manly with its own crowbar. My husband loves everything in the crate and will be using the items on his Harley. Even the crate makes for a great storage box in the garage. For the guy who has almost everything, this makes for an original and useful gift. With the various themed man crates available, I plan to send them to other family members.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Great gift!

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it! He's never heard of man crates so he was afraid to open it. He thought something was going to jump out at him!! He loves the tools and said the charger is a good brand! It was nice to be able to surprise him! Thanks

    Diane Breen
    Feb 15th 2018
    Motorcycle Crate

    I ordered this on( Monday Feb 12) Motorcycle Crate for my husband for Valentines Day.Found this company as I was cruising Facebook and it popped up! Checked out the reviews and thought what a fun idea. Customer service was great.My crate arrived on Valentines Day. My husband just got an old motorcycle he's enjoying tinkering with..This was perfect.It was fun watching him pri open the crate and he loved his gift. the tools included are a good quality.High 5 Guys!!

    Feb 12th 2018
    Great Gift!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it. It's a unique gift for any man that has a bike and loves to ride. Very happy with this purchase.

    May 7th 2021
    It's the thought that counts...right? I guess not!

    Well, I myself thought that it was a useful and unique gift for my BF. I was really excited to see him open it. It totally didn't go as planned. So upset with his reaction. He said he would keep the battery tender and told me I could have the rest, as he will just carry a whole tool box in his hard bag! Said and i quote "Thanks for the Chinese tools for my American made Harley! If they were Snap On, Craftsman, or Harley tools he'd use them! They are garbage!" He's a mechanic so...and a douchebag apparently! The extra money spent of the duct tape wrap was a waste. He opened it in 2 seconds with a utility knife. And the crate came open with no effort with the crow bar! So if your man is tool picky, ungrateful, and unimpressed by anything, don't even bother! I guess I'll be using the tools for my motorcycle.

    Jun 20th 2018
    Slightly disappointed

    The gift itself was great but I was really disappointed in how easily it opened. I paid extra for the duct tape and it came right open and the crate opened in one try with absolutely no effort.

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