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    Nancy Beardmore
    Dec 28th 2020
    Mule Crate

    I ordered the Moscow Mule Crate for one of my boyfriend’s Christmas gifts. FedEx said they delivered the package to my front door. Not true, I live in a rural area and on a private road. I’m retired and I am home every day. FedEx did not deliver anything to me on a front door delivery. I called Man Crate, they are so awesome, they immediately without hesitation replaced my order. A really great company with astonishing gift ideals. This is my fourth purchase and will continue to purchase from Man Crate.

    Jun 14th 2018
    Sent This as a Gift

    We wanted to thank a remote colleague for working over their wedding anniversary weekend. I had never met or spoken to this colleague, so I had no clue what to get them. I found this site and this crate looked like a good idea.

    Little did I know that they were going to be out of the country when the crate arrived. I spent a couple of weeks wondering and worrying that the crate would have grown legs and walked off.

    Once I noticed that they were sending out emails, I reached out to him. Not only did he get the crate, but they opened it up that night and enjoyed a few mules by the fire.

    Wisconsin Girl
    Jan 15th 2018
    Great Gift!

    I got this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it!! The entire process was seamless/easy and my hubby loved the crate concept!! I will be a repeat buy for sure!!

    Richard Kowallik
    Jan 9th 2018
    Kicked by a MULE

    What and incredible gift idea(s). I was blown away by your website which I thoroughly perused after spending over an hour opening my "crate" and an accompanying more simpler "puzzle" box. I can promise you I will be "gifting" from this in the future. Incredible unique idea and to the review about "cheap"; well if was a gift..I heard a thumop in the road..

    James H.
    Dec 27th 2017
    Couldn't Be Mule Perfect

    I received this box consisting of the dreams of all men for Christmas, as a gift from my girlfriend. The duct tape was a nice touch. I had never seen one of these dream-filled wonder boxes before, and I am highly impressed. If someone says "gift" and it is not one of these, then it is not a gift - It is nothing. This is the best invention since fire. Good day.

    Lynne M Seachrist
    Apr 2nd 2017
    Great Gift

    Just gave this to my husband for his 50th birthday. He loved it! It was a wonderfully unique gift idea for a special occasion. He actually likes Montana Mules (bourbon), but since the alcohol isn't included, everything in the box works for him. Maybe you could advertise it as both.

    Feb 15th 2017
    Mule crate.

    I ordered this for my wife for Valentines day. I paid the extra for the duct tape. It was AWESOME!!!! She loved it. It took her about an hour to open the crate, as I would not give her a hammer, I told her she couldn't hit it because there could be something breakable inside.

    Jun 12th 2016

    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. The gift itself was super cool and watching him try to get through the duct tape and the wooden box was the best part! I will definitely be buying more stuff from you guys in the future!

    Mary Slayden
    Feb 16th 2016
    Great Gift

    My husband loves his Moscow Mule crate! Be careful opening the crate, you may puncture one of the cans of ginger beer like he did and make a mess. Definitely ordering more crates in the future.

    Jan 14th 2016
    Awesome Gift

    I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he LOVED it! Definitely made a lasting impression with him! Came in 2 days right before Christmas and I didn't have to pay extra for shipping.

    Dec 24th 2015
    Great suprise

    Ordered this for a friend's December birthday. They loved it! Ducktape wrapping, prybar and a crate can not get more manly than that.

    Will order again.
    The only bad part of this whole experience was the shipping. When I ordered it I was told one date. I had to call to find out if it has been shipped and then was told a different date, because the delivery date had changed, I had to change the delivery address. Then FedEx lost the package after I had made the address change with them so It was delivered 2 days late. Will pay for overnight delivery next time.

    Dec 22nd 2015
    Could not be happier

    Crate came on time- I can't believe I got this in two days without paying any shipping at Christmas. My husband hasn't opened it yet but I'm sure he'll love the inside as much as I love the outside!

    Nov 11th 2015
    Great Gift!!!

    I got this as a birthday present for my boyfriend and he loves it! He even sent a picture to his buddies at work and they're jealous of it! One guy even forwarded the website to his wife! I will definitely be a returning customer - especially around Christmas for the guys in my family!

    Nicole Fiechtner
    Jul 11th 2018
    Wonderful Birthday Gift

    I ordered the Moscow Mule crate and my fiance loved it. But the bottom of the crate had fallen off so he didn't even get to open it
    :( Maybe use heavier nails next time. It is now a birthday tradition!

    Dec 26th 2017
    Cups are cheap!

    I saw the cup were stainless steel lined which I didn't think was to bad, but when I saw them in person I was very displeased. The image of the cup is not the same as the real product. It looked like a nice quality mug, but is super cheap. The only important thing in this box were the mugs and they couldn't even do that right. I have had other boxes and they were good so I am a little suprised they would sell this. Also the box basically fell open which was pretty disappointing too. Don't buy this go out and get a good set for they same price if not cheaper.

    Jun 30th 2016
    Cups are small

    I don't think I've ever seen a bad review on this site and this was my 3rd order with Man Crates so I hate to be a downer but feel like the size of the mugs should be clearly labeled. My friend is a big fan of Moscow Mules. He has parties all the time and I noticed at the last one, someone wanted a Mule but he was out of mugs so decided to ensure he had some extras on hand. I was excited about the gift. When I finally made it over his house and saw the size of the mugs, I was wildly disappointed. They were really small. Kind of cheap / not what I was expecting, which in turn made me feel like crap about the gift I gave. Felt like they were sippy cups compared to the other ones he has. They were literally probably half the size. Sorry, guys. Everyone loves to receive and open a man crate... his experience was fine but the product could have been better.

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