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    Dec 17th 2023
    Jerky Change from Previous Years

    I used to love getting these advent calendars for my husband each year, but this year the jerky has changed from being wet and tender to being dry and very much like a dry slim-jim. If I wanted a slim-jim, I could buy one for under $3.00. There’s definitely not as much variety, or if there is it hasn’t been evenly distributed so far this year. Just disappointed in the quality this year. Won’t buy again next year if the jerky stays like this years.

    Dec 15th 2023
    Not worth the price

    My dad was disappointed with this gift as the pieces are way too small. The variation in flavors is also not great. If the pieces were bigger OR there was more variation, this would be much better.

    Dec 17th 2023

    I’ve read all of the other reviews below, I agree with all of them. Don’t buy this one. Hopefully Mancrates fixes the problem for future buyers!

    Dec 8th 2023

    I was gifted this as an advent calendar. We both realized it’s a scam when it came in. What a disappointment. It’s just tiny bite size pieces. The entire box is worth no more than $4-$5.

    Dec 7th 2023
    Do not buy

    I bought this for my son and super disappointed with the size. Also who wants a calendar that is the same thing every week?

    Kelly Sirgey
    Dec 1st 2023
    Not worth the money

    Ordered this for my son, not realizing I was getting bite sized pieces of Jerky for $100.00. This is not worth the money at all. You are better off going to your local Jerky store and purchasing Jerky from them, you will get 4x's the amount for the price of this calendar. I can't recommend enough that this is NOT worth money. 100% disappointment! 100% waste of money!

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