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    Dec 10th 2023
    Husband loved it

    My husband loves hot sauce, and is super hard to buy for. He said this is one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten!

    Wade Houser
    Nov 29th 2021
    Best gift ever

    What a great idea for a gift! It contains everything you need (minus a few fresh ingredients) to make quite a few bottles of hot sauce. The recipes are easy to follow and it's a lot of fun to make, taste and share. What a great idea. Thanks Man Crates

    Lori Buske
    Oct 23rd 2021
    Hot sauce kit

    I have never been so disappointed in a gift. This was expensive and I thought it would come in a nice gift box which it didn’t. It looks cheap and now I have to find a box to try and make it look more expensive. I am angry and feel deceived by the picture. I will not be ordering from you again.

    Synthia Pavlowski
    Mar 10th 2021
    Loved it!

    Bought this gift for my fathers 50th birthday and paid the extra $10 for duct tape. The gift itself was awesomesauce! My dad fell in love with it and made a hot sauce the next day. The duct tape however was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a little bit more than what was received but all together was an awesome gift!

    Jun 23rd 2020
    Hot Sauce Making Kit

    My daughter gave me this hot sauce kit for my birthday and it is awesome. I love hot sauce, the hotter the better, but the sauce must have flavor not just heat. This kit was the perfect balance of heat and flavor. The recipes included taste great and you can adjust the heat to your liking. You can easily modify the recipes by substituting other fruit like apricots. I would highly recommend this kit for anyone who loves hot sauces.

    Apr 9th 2020

    For starters, I ordered this admist corona virus and thought my order would be late. In fact in arrived a day early. Nothing was broken as it contained glass. It was all packed very nicely. Got it for my fiancé’s birthday and I know he will be excited because he loves hot sauce. I even added a cute note to it and it arrived on a nice card! Definitely worth the money!

    Jan 7th 2020
    Hubby says I'm the Best wife

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas. It arrived on time no delays or damage to packaging. It took him and his coworker to open the crate. Both of them sweating. Hubby loves his crate gifts. He took the jerky samples to work to share with his coworkers. They think I'm the bees knees! Hubby got mad at the crate and threw it away but I have the video. RIP Man Crate! Great gift!

    Jan 1st 2020
    Mango mint super hot

    I was going to a New Years Eve party and I needed to bring something. I said I would bring my own homemade hot sauce. Mangos were in season and I got mint , peppers and lime. I made a tropical mango hot sauce with habanero and scorpion heat. It was awesome. I brought some pineapple salsa and people could heat it to their likening. Kit is easy to use and the products and ingredients are top notch.

    Daniela Jimenez
    Dec 24th 2019
    I love it

    My order has arrived just in time and in perfect condition, thank you very much

    May 16th 2019
    Awesome !!

    Ordered this for my partner and he loved it !!! Great gift, will definitely order from here again !!

    Nov 25th 2018
    Great gift for any hot sauce lover

    I ordered this for my brother & he absolutely loved it. He had a blast making his own sauces, experimenting with the recipes & was really excited to have everyone try them.

    Nov 14th 2018
    Most Thoughtful Gift

    My husband loved this gift. He said it was the most thoughtful gift I had given him! It's also been fun watching him sweet profusely from his head after one bite, and then getting his friends to try it.

    Sep 2nd 2018
    Late delivery but AWESOME!!

    I ordered this for the guy I’m dating who loves anything spicy for our 6 months. It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday 8/22/18 because we’ve made plans and I wanted to see his reaction. Never arrived. I called customer service that Sunday and told me they’ll sent one for a replacement right away and will get it Tuesday. He didn’t received it till the following day Wednesday. Told him he could open it but would like to be there when he does. He waited till I was with him again. So he did last night, Saturday. And oh man, I loved how surprised he was! I loved his reaction! He said the gift is so AWESOME and is already planning on all the taste he could come up with it! Thank you Mancrates! For sure, it won’t be the last time I’m ordering. Just hope that the delivery will be better next time around!

    Sarah A Stanley
    May 15th 2018
    Hot Sauce Making Kit

    I ordered this on the 11th of May, received it on the 15th of May. Nothing broken, and absolutely worth every penny. My husband is receiving this for father's day. I like to shop early just in case the package is damaged or not right. (Experience with other companies) I'll say this is my first time ordering from Man Crates and It won't be the last. I'm sure my Husband is either going to flip a brick or burn his briches off. I think I'll order another. Thank you Man Crates!!

    Feb 10th 2018
    Perfect is all I can say!!

    I got this for my fiancé and I’ll tell you he loves it.I got him a nice smoker for Christmas by far seems to like this a lot better.The smoker is still in the big box unasembled,he did not make the hot sause yet,but has went through everything like a kid in a candy store saying,this is the best gift EVER.Just so funny watching him,I will definitely be back to try something different.

    Feb 8th 2018
    Best Gift Ever

    Purchased the Hot Sauce Making Kit for a Christmas gift. Arrived just before Christmas. Unbeknownst to me the bottles were broken. Gave to hubby to open. Took a chance and called company on Christmas morning and spoke with a LIVE PERSON. They replaced the entire crate within the week. Thanks MAN CRATES

    Feb 8th 2018
    Best Gift Ever

    Purchased the Hot Sauce Making Kit for a Christmas gift. Arrived just before Christmas. Unbeknownst to me the bottles were broken. Gave to hubby to open. Took a chance and called company on Christmas morning and spoke with a LIVE PERSON. They replaced the entire crate within the week. Thanks MAN CRATES

    Susan B
    Feb 2nd 2017

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. Unfortunately the puree bottles were broken. I called the company (on Christmas Day) and talked (yes I said talked) to a representative. He said he would send another one out to us. A week later, my husband was in the kitchen making sauces that I would not dare to try. Thanks for the perfect gift.

    Dec 27th 2016

    Got this for Christmas and love it! I'm obsessed with hot sauces which is why my sister probably got this for me. I am now in the adventure mode of flavor and melt your face hotness! I cant wait to start experimenting!

    Jul 3rd 2016
    "THE Best Gift Ever"

    My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this kit! It was wonderful how excited he was. He is a lover of anything and everything spicy, so this was beyond perfect. So much fun and so AWESOME for him. He said this was by far the best gift he has ever gotten..Thank you Man Crates!

    Jun 20th 2016
    Well Played Sir!

    My wife bought this for me for Fathers Day. I have a high tolerance for heat, and made the Bourbon Peach Scorpion Hot sauce. And I made a salsa from the same recipe minus the bourbon. Was struck stooopid, upon tasting. The hand power processor worked well above the expectations. Amazing gift for anyone who likes Hell Fire and Brimstone.

    Jun 7th 2016
    Man of Hot Sauce

    I bought this for my husband who would call himself a self proclaimed expert on Hot Sauce. He immediately whipped up his own batch with whatever he could find in the kitchen! The intensity of the peppers in his words, "I met my match!" The chopper is fantastic. My only complaint (and I'm not complaining) would be the tiny jar openings and small funnel. You won't be getting any chunky salsa in there.

    Jun 6th 2016
    Unbelievably Hot!

    I bought this product for my Man for his birthday. As a man who is accustomed to super-spicy food, he thought that I was exaggerating when describing the intensity of these peppers. He did decide to humor me and wear the chemical gloves, which he was super grateful for once he started chopping! The food processor worked great, peppers were excellent quality, and as a man-gift, this product exceeded expectations. Looking forward to many more mixes to come!

    Bryan Cave
    May 20th 2016

    I received this as a birthday gift from my wife. I have only made the peach bourbon recipe with three intense levels of PAIN :) and I love the flavor. The food processor really works great and the recipe is perfect for making one jar full of sauce.

    Jeff H.
    Oct 6th 2021
    Sorento Pepper????

    First let me say the kit is awesome. I only gave 3 stars due to the first recipe "Peach Bourbon" calls for a Sorento pepper with seeds. I can not find any such pepper in any guides, searches or any pepper heads that I know have heard of it. I an guessing they meant serrano. Outside of that I would give 5 stars in a heart beat.

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