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    Arizona -> California
    Jun 19th 2014
    Fun Gift for the Guy

    was a fun way to send a different Father's Day gift - he really enjoyed opening the crate and lots of friends and family wanted to know where they could get one! So far, the smoker box is a huge hit, good solid quality piece. Can't wait to shop here again!

    Karen Darisaw
    Jun 19th 2014
    Happy Father's Day!

    My dad has everything a man can have and when I came across Man Crates website I struck gold! He loved it! And the shipping to Hawaii was on time, as a matter of fact it was early! I will definitely be ordering from them again!

    Thanks Man Crates #jobwelldone

    Madison, Alabama

    Jun 18th 2014
    Couldn't Ask For More

    I ordered the grill master crate for my fiance for Father's Day. He has a tendency to buy himself whatever he wants and it is impossible to shop for. This crate arrived EXTREMELY quickly, especially considering Father's Day was approaching very soon. My fiance thought the packaging and the contents were awesome. I am so thankful I stumbled across Man Crates. We haven't gotten to test any of the contents but are certainly looking forward to it.

    Christie Carter
    Jun 17th 2014
    Happy Fathers Day!

    My 9 year old son loved picking out and giving the Grill Master Crate to his father. My husband loved opening it, and everything that was in it. Will be giving Man crates to others as gifts for sure.

    Jun 17th 2014
    my husband loved it!

    This is something he enjoyed!

    Jun 16th 2014
    Happy Husband

    I got the Grill Master Crate for my husband for a Father's Day gift from the kids and he absolutely loved it! Such a great "manly" gift and the customer service was excellent. Will definitely shop at Man Crates again!

    Jun 13th 2014
    Loved It

    I found this site by accident but its the best thing ever. I got the grill master crate for a business associate and he absolutely loved it. These are the most creative gifts. I told a few co-workers about this site and three of them ordered crates for Father's Day. Love it!!!

    Apr 22nd 2014
    G- Master

    Dwayne loved the grill master. He especially liked the individual steak meters and the metal knuckle meat beater :)
    Thanks for the exceptional gift idea, I will be ordering again.

    Mar 23rd 2014
    BBQ 'n Eh

    The grill. Master has landed in Canada, thanks James for correcting my address. I received my crate in about a week which is awesome. The whole office was interested in the crate even the FedEx guy! Unfortunately it is a gift so I won't be able to see the contents until April 2nd. I know he will love it and I hope it brings some warm weather!!! Brrrrrr! Thanks again,
    Bonnie and Chuck from Ontario Canada.

    Lindsey N
    Feb 25th 2014

    My husband absolutely loved his Man Crate! At first he was a little annoyed by getting it open but as he worked on it with the crowbar he started enjoying it! It was an amazing gift, he's been telling everyone about it and I can't wait to get him another one! Shipping was perfectly timed, great experience overall with Man Crates!

    Andrea Smart
    Feb 19th 2014
    Excellent product, top of the line customer service!

    I got my husband the grill masters crate and it was just perfect. The two sauces and rub are delicious. The accessories are really good quality. One sauce came busted, I contacted them and not only did they replace the sauce, they replaced the entire crate. There was no hassle. Great company and product. I will be ordering again.

    Feb 18th 2014

    I gave my fiancé a watch (he never wears), a bracelet that he says he loves but never wears. He always manages to get me something I love. FINALLY!!! I found him something he loves! The very next day there were steaks on the grill tenderized, seasoned, and smoked. I was so impressed that I posted the Man Crates website on my Facebook page for all my friends. Thank you for making me a better gift giver!

    Michelle L
    Jan 17th 2014
    Best Manly Gift I've Ever Given

    The best part about giving this crate as a gift was getting to see my man flex his muscles a bit. He even insisted on posing in a "Captain Morgan" stance over the opened crate for a picture.
    The sauces and spice blend are really tasty. We haven't used the tenderizer yet, but I'm looking forward to punching the heck out of some steaks.

    Would recommend to anyone. Great purchase.

    Jodi McCain
    Dec 27th 2013

    I had the Grill Master Crate sent to my kids' father for Christmas. He is hard to shop for because he has everything .. or buys it himself. His message was:
    "the gift from the kids came today. Awesome !!! Thank you. Most creative gift ever I think"
    That's a high praise from him as I am an extremely creative gift giver.

    This was my first experience with Man Crates and I will definitely use it as one of my "go to" options. I would love to see some sort of a "softer, female option" as well !!!

    Well played, Man Crates... well played!

    Oct 31st 2013
    A major hit

    I've been called "thoughtful," "sweet" and "generous" by gift recipients, but this is the first time I've been called "F*ING AWESOME!!" -- one of a string of f-bombs dropped by my usually well-spoken, even eloquent man as he opened his crate. Two days later he's still raving about it, and me. THANK YOU!!

    Oct 28th 2013
    Great Gift Idea!

    Great product, arrives exactly as described. Came a bit earlier than requested but early is better than late! Exceptional customer service!

    Oct 22nd 2013

    Our boss loved the man crate! He thought it was a great idea. I loved the crate itself and watching him pry it open. Thanks for making this a great purchase with super fast and courteous service.

    Oct 22nd 2013

    Our boss loved it! This was the perfect unique gift - and your follow up with tracking, etc. was brilliant! Looking forward to ordering more.

    Missy Mahan
    Oct 17th 2013

    He LOOOOOOOVVVEEEEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You boys know your stuff!!!! His whole work crowded around to watch! You may have scored more customers just from being so cool and inventive!!! Keep 'em coming and you will have a customer for life!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Unicorns & Glitter!!! Hhahahahaahaa

    Oct 13th 2013
    Great gift!

    My son absolutely loved his grill aster crate.

    Sep 20th 2013
    Amazingly Epic

    My bf absolutely loved his Grill Master Crate. I had it sent to his work office and all his friends got a kick out of watching him open it. This was the perfect accessory to his new grill :)

    Jul 29th 2013
    Hilarious gift

    Just watching him try and open it was hilarious...It's much smaller than you think when you think of "crate", but was still a hit overall.

    Jul 27th 2013

    I purchased the Grill Master Crate for my hubby's birthday. He thought it was great! A win for me for sure! He loved the fact that you need a crow bar to get it open and that is was challenge to get open. He also really loved the brass knuckle meat tenderizer. Lucky for me, he was whipped up some delicious BBQ using the smoker, and the sauces! Would purchase another man crate for sure!

    Jul 26th 2013
    The Perfect Man Gift!

    We needed something special for our brother-in-law's 50th birthday and decided the BBQ Man Crate was just the thing. Turns out we were right! He really got a kick out of it and last I heard, he can't wait to give it a try.

    Feb 21st 2015
    man's man gift

    Bought it for Valentine's Day !!! Fun idea, he likes pounding that meat with the tenderizer. Awesome gift and great concept.

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