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    Christopher Ross
    Jan 15th 2015
    Great Crate

    Awesome crate, my buddies thought it was the manliest thing ever. I too wish there were even more manly crate options though, in prices ranging from $20 for my semi-bros, to $250 for the really important men in my life. Thanks again mancrates.

    Jan 6th 2015
    Great Idea

    I liked mancrates. I wish their was more products or more diverse products than the ones listed on the website, but overall I was very satisfied with the product and giving it as a gift for xmas.

    Jan 3rd 2015
    wonderfully grillfully perfect!

    my birthed in law is the grill master! He could grill anything and enjoys having people over often, this was such an awesome gift, the one you are so excited to send, definitely makes the giving more fun at Christmas. The meat tenderizer brass knuckles are such a fun a novelty gift and when you are grilling 4 steaks who wants to use the same thermometer for all of them? Nope. He loved it and all the seasoning and sauces are so cool and tasty! He received this the same day that his guys were over I got a ton of texts asking where I got this awesome gift from my sister in law. It is so fun and unusual and definitely boosts you up to an all star in the gift giving department :)

    Dec 29th 2014
    AWESOME crate and AWESOME service

    I ordered this for my fiance for Christmas. Unfortunately, one of the sauces broke and got all over the original crate so when he opened it a few days before Christmas, he was a little surprised.

    I immediately contacted Mancrates and spoke to a representative who overnighted a new crate - no questions asked. He was very helpful and friendly!

    My fiance loves to cook and loves his mancrate. I am absolutely amazed at the great customer service that I received and will most definitely be ordering from Mancrates again. Thank you for making my Fiance's Christmas so wonderful!

    Dec 29th 2014
    SOOO much FUN!

    I stumbled onto MANcrates while searching for a gift for the "guy who has everything". I will be ordering again! I ordered the Grill Master Crate (wrapped in duct tape), figuring the opening of the package itself would be the best part. It definitely was! However, the products inside were first rate grilling materials. My brother-in-law and the whole family loved this. Thanks!

    susan rahn
    Dec 27th 2014
    For the man that has everything

    My brother is supremely difficult to buy for but when I saw this I knew it was perfect. He loved it. He grills all the time and this was an awesome way to celebrate his love of the grill. For his birthday I may get him the crate with the salt block.

    Dec 27th 2014
    Welcome Home!

    I purchased this for my fiance for our first Christmas in our new home together. He was so shocked and had a heck of a time opening it! He loves the set and cant wait to grill in our new home! This was also shipped via fed ex ground amd arrived one day early! Thank you to the studs and studettes at man crate!

    Dec 26th 2014
    better quality than iexpected

    Honestly, I bought this for the novelty but was delighted to discover the quality of the crate & contents. My dad loved it and I would estimate it was one of his favorite all-time gifts. Would definitely recommend to anyone- especially the hard-to-shop-for types.

    Jaye Sloan
    Dec 26th 2014

    My future son-in-law thought it was awesome! He was thrilled! We hit a home run with this one.

    Dec 26th 2014
    Man pleasin

    I ordered a grilling man crate for my husband and was so intrigued by it, thTat I also ordered one for sons-in-law, cousins actually all the men in the family. They all loved it. One son-in-law hovered over his ammo can protectively while the sons circled. The husband loved the brass knuckled meat tenderizer with his and showed it to everyone who came in the door. A big hit with all the menfolk in this family!

    Dec 26th 2014
    Amazing gift!!!

    I got the Grill Master crate for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is usually so hard to buy for but when I saw this I was so excited. He LOVED it. Trying to pry that box open was not only fun for him but for myself and my kids to watch! Very pleased with the product and fast shipping! Most definitely recommending these to all my friends! Can't wait to order again! Thank You Man Crates!!

    Dec 23rd 2014

    If I could actually ever receive my product I could tell you all about it. I placed an order, the 16th, and its been a week and still no product. Supposedly I paid for Fed Ex ground and when it didn't show on date assigned I called Mancrates and OOPS it was placed but forgot to supposedly it was put in over night fed ex...overnight means NEXT DAY I believe... day 2 still waiting!! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it missed our Pre-Christmas Christmas with family who has already moved on...plan B...pass it onto next male in line...IF it shows...if not...I will return it ASAP! I prefer to support small business's and I am sure these peeps mean to do well...but... geez!!! Hopefully we can get a shining 5 star review of this product!!!! SOON!

    Dec 23rd 2014
    great man gift

    my boss said this was awesome, he said he glued it back shut just so he could reopen it lol

    Dec 13th 2014
    Man with everything

    My son has everything or so I thought, looking for something to give was unbelievable, until I came across your site, I was so excited, and to have it in a crate was exter special, it's for Christmas so I haven't given it to him yet, but I can't wait to see his expression.

    Diana Love
    Dec 10th 2014
    Grill Master Crate

    We purchased the Grill Master Crate for my brother-in-law for his birthday. It was a huge hit, and not just for him, but for the rest of the family, men and women alike. Everyone got a charge out of the crate itself and the handy crowbar, but the brass knuckle meat tenderizer stole the show. Add to that all of the other cool items in the crate, and it really made for a great gift. Now my family and friends are all talking about sending a crate to various friends and family members for upcoming birthdays, etc.

    Dec 5th 2014
    Awesome Gift

    It was delivered to the house for his birthday and he was under strict instruction not to open until i got home. He called me and asked what the hell is a man crate. When i got got Hyde opened the cardboard box only to find the crate. He absolutely loved it! I couldn't have asked for better.

    Nov 18th 2014
    Man tastic!!

    I ordered the man crate for one of my three sons for Christmas. Needless to say I'll have to have two more. It hasn't even been opened yet and it's already the favorite gift under the tree. The men in my house find it extremely interesting to say the least!! I'll be ordering more soon!!

    Nov 12th 2014

    The hardest decision is which one to buy! The ManCrate is absolutely Brillant!! Perfect gift for any man and the giver has just as much fun ordering.

    Nov 12th 2014
    Brillant Idea

    Ordered & received the grill master crate and it arrived promptly and was received with enthusiasm. Consequently 2 other friends will be getting these gifts for birthdays.

    Thanks --

    Carol Baby
    Oct 12th 2014
    Dad Loved it!

    My dad doesnt usually care for gifts and is very picky about what we get him. But he LOVED the man crate I got him for his birthday! Usually he'll just look at a gift and say thanks and move on but with this one he slowly dissected the whole thing and looked at everything with an impressed grin! On top of all of this my dads a contractor so he LOVED the idea of having to crack open the box. #BestDaughterAward

    Ashley Menard
    Aug 11th 2014
    The BEST!!!!

    I ordered the Grill Master Crate for my husband's birthday and he absolutely LOVED it! When the crate arrived, he opened it to find the Retro Gamer's Crate inside... Oops! He loved that one too, by the way! We were accidently shipped the wrong crate. I contacted Man Crates and they were so prompt to respond! The Grill Master Crate was rushed and shipped overnight! Man Crates' customer service is FANTASTIC, and they go above and beyond to make sure things are done right! Thank you for everything Man Crates! You ROCK!

    Jul 25th 2014
    Mancrates = Amazing

    I got the Grill Master crate for my dad because his birthday is in the summer & he loves to use the grill. He loved it! From opening the crate, to seeing all the goodies inside, it was definitely the perfect gift. I also bought a different crate w/ custom 49er stuff & sent it to my fiance's job for Valentine's day which was a great surprise. Obviously girls always get flowers & chocolates but this was perfect for a manly Valentine's day gift. Everyone in the office was jealous ;]

    Jul 15th 2014
    Grill Master Crate

    We bought this for my brother as a birthday gift and he loved it. Now he can beat his meat for real! Thanks Mancrates.

    Jul 2nd 2014

    I bought this for my boyfriend, and he loved it! Cooked his birthday steak dinner and used all of the essentials right away. A++!

    Jun 23rd 2014
    Seriously amazing stuff

    We got this crate for my father for Father's Day and took it with us to a restaurant for lunch, so he could open his gift before we went to the butcher's. Everyone in the restaurant was watching him open it. It was hilarious. I even saw people saying things like, "what is that? what is THAT?" The men at the other tables looked at the steel knuckle meat tenderizer with such envy. He loved it.
    I love you, Man Crates!

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