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    Aug 30th 2016

    My daughter got it for her dad for his birthday and OMG did he love it!! The stuff inside is really quality and guys just love a challenge... The duct tape wrapped crate that required a pry bar was just that!!

    Aug 23rd 2016
    This rocks!

    I sent this to my cousin for his 31st birthday and he was thrilled! He loved the crate itself almost as much as everything in it. He is anxious to use the smoker box, as he's never even heard of that before (neither had I). I will be using Man Crates as my primary Christmas gift-giving site!

    Jun 13th 2016
    My husband loved it !

    Ordered this for my husband's B-day not knowing how he would react. Watching him open his crate was very entertaining. He loved it so much he asked if he could get one every month. He has not stopped talking about how much he loved it.

    Jan 22nd 2016
    Happy Birthday to me

    My son and daughter in love got me this for my birthday and it arrived today. What a super cool idea! I can't wait to try out everything in the crate! We will have rib-eye steaks tomorrow

    Marlene Garay
    Jan 12th 2016
    Grill Master Crate

    I sent the grill master crate to my brother for Christmas. He doesn't know which end of a screwdriver to use, let alone a crow bar. I had extra delight in having the crate wrapped in duct tape. He had his wife open it. My brother loved the contents, especially the meat tenderizer that looks like brass knuckles. A very inventive gift for that hard to buy for man.

    Jan 9th 2016
    gave as a gift

    I sent this to a guy that loves to grill. He said the rubs and sauces were great. He thought it was the best gift ever. I added the duct tape wrapping for a nice touch, which he said was really cool.

    Dec 28th 2015
    The man with everything LOVED IT!

    So I got this as a Christmas present for my dad and he loved it! The meat tenderizer is was his favorite part!! All in all, this was a great gift for the guy that already has everything. haha

    Dec 28th 2015
    Great Gift!

    I gave this to my brother as a Christmas present. He recently built an outdoor man cave where he grills and watches games outside. Opening the crate with the crowbar and the items inside were big highlights to him. Amazing gift and highly recommended...

    Dec 28th 2015
    Grill Master Crate

    My husband loved this gift. It was fun from the beginning. He liked that he had to "break in" to his gift. He is an avid grill master. He loved everything in this crate. So needless to say, he was so excited when he realized he had another crate to open.

    Dec 14th 2015
    It's Still On Display

    I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved the whole thing. From the delivery, to having to open it, and the contents. We used the thermometers that night and he still has everything on display on the kitchen counter. He even saved the note I had printed with it on the fridge. Thanks ManCrates!

    Nov 11th 2015
    Great gift!

    Super fast shipping! Got this as a gift for my grill master dad who is always difficult to buy for (most dads are I feel like). He LOVED it! Especially opening the crate with the crowbar.. Made it all the more "manlier". So glad I came across this website- genius idea folks!

    Jodi W
    Nov 9th 2015

    I purchased this for my father-in-law's birthday and he received it on the desired date. It was wrapped in duck tape, and he had the best time opening the crate just to find out what was in it. It's so hard to buy something for a man who has every thing so this website and gift idea was the most brilliant thing I could come across for him.

    Hope Corsette
    Oct 20th 2015

    I sent this to my brother-in-law for his 50th birthday. I wish I could have been there to see him open it. Apparenty is was sealed quite well. He got his hammer then used the crowbar. Then had to do the same with the spices. Ha! Everyone should have to put a little work into opening their gifts. He likes to grill so he really loved the gift.

    Sep 1st 2015
    Hit The Jackpot for a Gift

    My Father Inlaw loved this crate, he was so excited he laid everything out on the table and poured over it for an hour. LOL

    Sarah Proctor
    Aug 7th 2015
    This Gift Was A Hit

    Bought this for my dad's 76th birthday and he loved it! He loved the box and the challenge of opening it and then he was tickled with all of the goodies inside. I don't think he's had this much fun receiving a gift in ages and my mom was just as tickled watching him have so much fun. I can't wait to gift more Man Crates in the future.

    Jul 26th 2015
    Boyfriend Loves It

    Got it for my boyfriend's birthday. Thought the whole man crate idea was great. Thinking of ordering more stuff from this website, including the shaving crate for my brother.

    Mrs. Green
    Jul 17th 2015
    What an experience!

    Our friend absolutely loved the gift–– he had so much fun opening the crate and then discovering all the goodness inside! Awesome one of kind gift and experience.

    Jul 15th 2015
    Great Crate

    I bought this crate for my boyfriends birthday. He loved it. He likes to grill and this was perfect for him.

    Leigh Foster
    Jul 3rd 2015
    bumps with happy ending

    There was a glitch with my order but I contacted Mancrates and they quickly (and very politely) found the problem and made every effort to correct it. Once it arrived, tho late, the look on my husband's face as he opened the box to see the crate then opened the crate to see all the goodies inside was worth the wait! He eagerly took each item out of the crate, smiling the whole time. He thought the crate was "a really cool gift" with the steak thermometers being his favorite item. Thank you very much for making it 'worth the wait'. Thank you for being so nice and quick to rectify the situation. I REALLY admire and appreciate it.

    Jun 29th 2015

    My step dad absolutely loved his man crate! He sent me a hundred pictures and had a blast opening it. I worried that the stuff in it seemed cheaply made but it was actually good quality and size. He loved the brass knuckles meat tenderizer and it was big and sturdy. Definitely ordering more man crates, I got the best Father's Day gift and remain the favorite child for the next 365.

    Jun 26th 2015
    Dad was over the moon!

    My daddy got this for his father's day and was just amazed at the idea of a gift in a crate. He loved trying to open it and was having trouble so he went to the website and laughed at how they told him to open it. After he finally got it opened he LOVED IT! He loves to grill and was excited about the individual meat thermometers. He can't wait to try the spices. He was ready to fire up the BBQ right then. Thank you for making this a wonderful father's day he will never forget.

    Jun 25th 2015

    I bought one for my husband and one for my dad. The crate shipped to my husband didnt have a crow bar with it but he didnt care, he had a blast opening it. It wasnt easy to open and he enjoyed that. My dad's crate did have a crow bar, still hard to open but I think thats the beauty and fun of this gift! PERFECT gift for those manly men.

    Jun 25th 2015
    happy with a little disappintment

    My husband was excited for his box as we all were because he is out grill master. And one of the bottles where leaking. It had leaked onto the little wood rack. It was easily wiped off. We bought another crate two days later lol.

    Jun 24th 2015
    Great idea

    I ordered this crate for my husband for Fathers day,delivery was excellent.when he opened it on Fathers day he was a little disappointed in that the Top of the Crate just slid right off he did not have to pry it open or anything.as I said that was disappointing but other than that he thought it was Great

    Jun 20th 2015
    Awesome gift idea!

    I got this for my boyfriend as a father's day gift. I ordered it on a Friday morning and it was delivered the next freaking day. As soon as he saw the box he was thrilled. Everything is awesome from the crate to the contents. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Mostly what im pleased about is the bbq sauce bottles are full sized, not tiny sample bottles. The smoker box is great quality. This is the second crate I've purchased and I will continue to buy these. These crates are different from any other gift idea I've seen.

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