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    Dec 22nd 2022
    Grill Master Crate

    Bought the Grill Master Crate for my Hubby for Christmas 🎄 and we love it. We grill a lot and the Seasonings are the Bomb!

    Jan 19th 2022
    Great gift

    I sent myself one Grill Master Crate, and I loved it. It was very pretty and well put together, and the food selection was perfect and delicious. I got fond of buying gift baskets when I received one from my brother, purchased from auntlauries.

    Jan 6th 2022
    Freaking Awesome

    I received this box as a gift and have now sent it to two different people as well as gifts. The products are top of the line and this gift will not disappoint for anyone who enjoys to grill.

    Feb 14th 2021
    Love this company

    I ordered the grill crate for my husband for Valentines day, and it was a hit. Added the stay salty collection as a little gift from the kids to go with it. I couldnt be happier with the shipping and packaging. Also this gift itself is high quality and loved every little added detail. I am so impressed and will return. Ive bought the meat crate for my brother before and had a great experience then as well. Keep up the crate work!

    Beverly Guenrher
    Dec 19th 2020
    Man crates!

    Awesome gift 🎁 for hubby! Only thing was crowbar was missing!! He had a job for sure opening!!
    He loved it!!

    Dec 14th 2020
    Gold Medals all around

    Bought my daddy the piñata (LOVED it!)
    Bought my nephews Breakfast, Grilling, Ammo Cans, Beer brew, Assembly games, my husband got me the lump of coal, The girls got Slumberjack flannel ! Mancrates customer service folks are so awesome. “Have a Crate Day!” what??!! Love love love your copywriters and your website UI designers.

    Nov 27th 2020
    Grill master

    The first one I bought was for my youngest grown son. It was everything I hoped for. So for my husband’s birthday I got him one. They are both very happy! Now I need two more-

    Brendie Engledow
    Nov 23rd 2020
    Got my husband this for christmas

    my husband loved opening the box and he loved the seasoning and the sauces that came with it. I recommend it has a gift.

    Feb 25th 2020
    Great Birthday Gift

    I got this gift for my father in law. He loves to grill and this was perfect for him. Only issue I had was with the delivery. I ordered it in advanced and scheduled for it to be delivered on his birthday. It arrived two days late but the Man Crates team was extremely helpful and apologetic. Thank you Man Crate for having a texting service and great costumer service!

    Andrea D Busath
    Feb 13th 2020
    I Got this for my Husband!

    I Got this for my Husband for Valentine's Day! It came and I gave it to him and the first thing he said that is wrapped in Duct Tape and got all excited. He saw the crowbar and said this Awesome I got a crowbar! He finally got it open and loved all the grill products! It was a hit! I will definitely be purchasing again!

    Dec 13th 2019
    ManCrates Master Customer Service & Product

    My uncle is literally the man that has everything. Impossible to gift him. He is so appreciative of being thought of but I always sensed a tiny sigh of " another Fry's gift card syndrome" I chose this crate because he LOVES to grill. He was so excited and impressed with the presentation and the contents he even kept the outer container. HE LOVED IT and kept showing the family as they arrived. I truly am THE FAVORITE NIECE! LOL! TITLE well earned!

    Jun 16th 2019
    Best ever

    loved it

    Jun 11th 2019
    Worth the Price!!

    Got this for my husband right after he finished culinary school, but to be honest, I used this stuff more than he does. Especially when my Bipolar Mania kicks in, I use the brass knuckle tenderizer to beat the crap out of my meat (pardon the punn). Very heavy duty, and gets the job done until my depression kicks in and I eat everything to fill that void. Great stuff! Perfect for a Dad, Husband, Or even Veteran like me went alot of issues...5 STARS all around!!!

    Rick Sheehan
    May 2nd 2019
    So cool.

    I received the Grill Master crate as a surprise get well gift from some close friends of mine. What an awesome idea. It definitely is a completely different gift idea that will surprise anyone. So cool!

    Feb 19th 2019
    Valentine's Day Original

    I happened to be at my mom's house and saw a commercial; I'd never of Man Crates until I saw a commercial at my mom's house. I instantly knew that my husband needed this odd and cool gift, and what better time to give him on than on Valentine's Day? I had it delivered to his office. it couldn't get there until after Valentine's Day, but he didn't know or expect it so it was perfection. He got it today and loved that it was an actual crated gift. I am so excited that he was excited about it. The add-on of the extra rubs made it all the more awesome!

    Jan 25th 2019
    Hard To Please Dad Loves It!

    So my dad is celebrating his 60th birthday this coming weekend and I wanted to get him something special. I mean.. he’s got a good 50 ties from me and I can’t count the coffee mugs! So I got on Man Crates thinkin’ a grilling set would be awesome! He’s a beast on the grill as it, why not get him something fun to go with it? So I ordered it and had it shipped to his house. Of course the crate is in a cardboard box so he had no clue what he was in for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there as he opened it, but my mom sure was! “He was like a little boy laughing and smiling as he struggled to get that crate open. The meat tenderizer gave him a good chuckle! This is such an awesome gift! He is so impressed!!” So there it is! Perfect gift for the man who buys everything he wants for himself! Now my mom says she can’t top the gift ☺️ #win

    Dec 28th 2018
    Merry Christmas !

    I gifted this set to my husband for Christmas and he loved it!! I was pretty impressed myself. Everything about the package inside and out was worth taking the time to open. He can’t wait to put it to use. We are now loyal customers.
    P.S. The custom card was perfect!

    Judith Heiss
    Dec 17th 2018
    My sides hurt from laughing!

    I sent an email to you so I can be notified when the Grill Master is back in stock. But, take your time about the notification. I don't need it until June of next year for my son's birthday. I was having to much fun reading why it's not in stock. I think I believe the line about the grandmothers! You would have to known my mother-in-law to understand. She was one tough woman who went with my husband, her son, and I all over the country, visiting us in every duty station whenever we were transferred (U.S. Marine Corps)! She was an awesome woman who spoke her mind, not mincing words but sadly she passed away in 2004. She was a hell of a grandmother for our son and he had a grand time with her. Yes, I am rattling on. It's 1:00 AM and I need to go to bed! I ordered a crate and an ammo box for my Marine. Can't wait to see his face. Will let you know what he thinks of them!

    This is by far the best present I've ever given him. I'm almost more excited than he will be on Christmas morning!

    Jun 19th 2018
    Happy Father's Day

    My daughter surprised me with the Grill Master crate for Father's Day. I love It and can not wait to put it to use.

    Rich M
    Mar 8th 2018
    Son's Birthday

    Our son, who is currently serving in the United States Navy in Italy, just turned 23. He loves to grill, so this was perfect. I ordered on the phone since it was being sent to a FPO (Fleet Post Office) address and I was a bit confused, customer service was fantastic. He sent me a text saying "Hahaha, the most fun I've ever had opening a present." along with photos of the crate and contents next to a couple Rib Eyes and Sierra Nevada beer. Perfect!

    Lil' Ricky
    Feb 21st 2018
    Happy Birthday To Me

    My daughter and her fiance' got me this Man Crate for my birthday along with a Rub assortment. Great presentation and I just know I will enjoy it all. Thanks kids!

    Dec 25th 2016
    Totally Awesome!

    I ordered this for my brother and he was so intrigued with it from the time it arrived to him about a week ago. He said there were post marks from all over the world and he could not figure out what it could be. Well tonight I received a call and about 30 minutes into the call, he finally got it opened ( he had been working on it for a while before calling). Everyone was laughing so hard and he enjoyed it so much. Thank you for everything. I will be ordering over and over again. The only down side to this gift...... Damn I wish I would have came up with the idea, lol.

    Dannett Simpson
    Dec 15th 2016
    Fun for All

    I ordered this crate for Christmas for my husband and of course went for the duct tape gift wrap. My husband working in a mechanic shop of course had to tell his friends. After they got over the "who the hell wraps gifts with duct tape" they are now on to how to break in. So far they have suggested dremil, chainsaw, blowtorch, and arch-welder. The drama around the gift is still growing. I'll let you know how he breaks into it after Christmas! So far this is the most interesting gift I've gotten for him after 25 years of marriage!

    Dec 13th 2016
    My son loved this!

    I sent this barbecue set to my son for Christmas and he loved it! He very much liked the crate as well, and sent me a picture of how he'd put hinges on it so he could store things in it. Great gift for a backyard chef!

    robert and carol ostrow
    Nov 29th 2016
    Hot and spicy

    We came home to the man crate delivery of hot and spicy gifted from our daughter! WOW! that's the best gift ever! From the packing box to the crow bar to the inside of spicy and hot that my husband loves! We could not get over it-it's that awesome. We were wondering that day what to get for our friend and immediately went on line and ordered it for him. Thinking of others we can send it to. Love,love,love it!!!

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