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    Apr 5th 2022
    Best gingerbread house ever!

    We make gingerbread houses every year at Christmas sometimes more often. They’re fun to make and eat. This gingerbread house was by far the most fun to make the instructions and decoration ideas were spot on. There was and decorations to complete the project though a little bit more black icing would be nice. As stated in the other reviews, there are no instructions for how to mix the cookies to make the gingerbread ninjas. We guessed at basic amounts and made some pretty good cookies but I’m sure they could’ve been even better.

    Dec 25th 2021
    Ninja Cookie

    This kit comes with dry cookie ingredients for you to bake your own cookies however there are no instructions on quantities of wet ingredients to add.
    There is one sentence that mentions adding butter, honey and water but no quantities. Very disappointed!

    Michelle Abram
    Dec 27th 2021
    Great dojo - no recipe for men!

    It was fairly easy to put this together, and the instructions worked well.

    Bit of an oversight to include the mix for making gingerbread men, but NO RECIPE - just the instructions without the amounts of the ingredients you need to add. Two bags of powder don't turn into cookies.

    Dec 28th 2022
    No Recipe for the Ninjabread Men

    Two stars for the gingerbread house because everything was there to construct it.

    The "recipe" for the Nijabread Men say to "Just add butter, honey, and water to make your cookie,..." There are no amounts listed so my husband had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with our granddaughter. I do not recommend this incomplete "kit".

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