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    WR Hobbs
    Mar 14th 2022
    Received as Gift

    The Exotic Sausage Crate was a great gift! Fantastic mustards with eclectic sausage make it very unique and tasty. After cracking the crate open, I modified the crate to hold garden seed packets. Wonderful reuse ability of the product.

    Jean Jarrett
    Nov 30th 2020
    This Is What You Get The Guy Who Has Everything

    My FIL is NOT an easy person to shop for. He's not a "gift out of obligation" type of person. Being British Canadian I knew the mustards would be a huge hit and I'm extremely impressed they come in 8oz jars - that's a healthy size. The rest was an obvious choice and I loved the keepsake pocketknife. (What guy doesn't want another pocketknife?) I appreciated the fact I could order early and pick the delivery date, it was delivered on time (2 days early in case of transit delays). When it arrived he looked it over, went to the website for instructions, which were "try harder". Epic! Today, his birthday, he finally opened it and I know that he enjoyed not just the quality foods but the entire experience. He asked me how I find "these things". I explained that was classified information.

    W. David Hicks
    May 31st 2020
    Totally awesome gift!

    I think I impressed my coworkers by busting this crate open in less than five minutes. It was a birthday present and TOTALLY appreciated. The crowbar with bottle opener is freaking indispensable. The sausage is delicious, I got one left along with most of the mustard.

    You guys sell some serious man-st*ff.

    Janet Smith
    Dec 27th 2019
    Exotic sausage

    Got this and the exotic jerky for my husband. He loves them and wants me to order same for his brother and dad. Unfortunately, both are out of stock.

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