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    Nov 27th 2021
    Big Hit!

    I ordered this for a very dear friend of mine. His birthday is December 1st, so I made it a Birthday/Christmas gift. He's a cop, so I thought exotic jerky would be super manly... It was actually delivered a week before his birthday... When I asked him how it tasted, he said, "OMG, I can't stop eating it. I have to hide it from my kids." This made me SO happy... Thank you, Mancrates. This is my 4th pleased loved one this year. You NEVER fail!

    Jul 27th 2020
    Perfect Fathers Day Gift

    Got this for my dad for Father’s Day and he loved it, so did the rest of the family. It was delicious and a good portion of meat for each jerky. The wrapping was a little different than shown on the website, but still great none the less.

    Terri M
    Feb 29th 2020
    Great gift

    Sent this as an apology. He really loved it. The customer service was great when I wanted to make a change to the note. Quick and easy. 2nd time I've sent a ManCrate. Will do this more often!

    Cindy Matthews
    May 16th 2019
    Man Meat

    The presentation is awesome. I'm giving this to one of my instructors at the gym. Great snack for him after teaching a spin cycle class. I'll be back!

    May 4th 2019
    Ouch, guys

    I wish I didn’t look this company up after receiving an enjoyable birthday snack. The gift itself was great. Who doesn’t love meat?! Sadly the selection in your exotic box could be purchased at my local gas station. But still, love me some meats. I only inquired your company as the products within my box are seriously the most affordable option at the checkout...c’mon guys. Good marketing aside...this is a bit outrageous. Great idea on your part, but wow. Won’t be back or recommend. Just ouch.

    Ash K.
    Dec 28th 2018

    I ordered 2 different jerky grams for christmas One for my brother and dad.
    First. Ordering was super easy.
    Second. Delivery was right and on time. I had them shipped to my house so i could wrap them.
    Third. I didnt mind the prices or shipping because it was ZERO hassle. Especially when your shopping for people who have everything.
    And the best part was that they were absolutely thrilled! Packaging was awesome, the products themselves were of great quality and guys you just cant go wrong with this website! Just wonderful! I have been telling everyone i know! Will definitely be using man crates again!!!

    Oct 18th 2018
    A+ gift, A++ for customer service!

    My boyfriend absolutely LOVES this jerkygram, all the guys in his squadron were jealous! There was some difficult shipping it overseas initially but the customer service is amazing and they handled everything quickly!

    May 25th 2018
    Great Birthday Gift!

    I ordered this Jerkygram for my husband’s birthday. He absolutely loved it! It was different and he was pleasantly surprised. I wanted to try something small first to try out Man Crates. My husband and I were both extremely pleased. I will definitely order from Man Crates again! Next time it will be a crate!!

    Theresa c
    Feb 15th 2018
    making it right

    i received my package on time, only issues was that it was incomplete however i do understand that it is valentines day so i'm sure there where crazy busy and when i called them not only did they make it right by shipping out a new box but there overnight it to me and did not ask for the old box back which i was willing to give back but the guy i spoke with (he said his name was superman) was very nice and had no problem fixing my order i am very happy they did so and i cant wait to use them again in the future

    Mariah Cotton
    Feb 15th 2018

    My husband was thrilled with it! Best Valentines gift I've given him

    Feb 14th 2018

    Ordered for Valentine’s Day gift! He loved it. Thank you. Got here perfect time!

    Oct 21st 2017

    I love Man Crates!! This was a huge success and my man loved it.
    Pros: Jerky came fast and on time. Man says all were amazing! One was a little on the stale side, but he said it was still good. And of course with Man Crates there are no Cons ;)

    Apr 15th 2017
    Perfect Sailor Gift

    I wanted to send something special to my son for his first Easter while in the military. I sent the Exotic Meats Jerkygram to my carnivore. He was so excited to get a package in the mail and texted me only 20 minutes later to tell me he had eaten all but one of the packages. It had been perfect timing since he had just finished a 2 hour work out. He suggested that I should send him a larger version of the same package for his Christmas gift....... I plan to purchase another ManCrate to celebrate his completion of "A" School later this year.

    Thank you so much ManCrate for all the wonderful packages for my young man. Being able to give him special gifts helps to show him how much I support him in his service to our country. Keep up the great work!

    Mar 24th 2017
    Loved It

    My guy is hard to buy for because if he wants something he just goes and gets it. I sent this to his work and he thought it was cool. Big hit!

    Feb 16th 2017

    Purchased this for my hubby for Valentine's Day. It arrived on time with the most hilarious note (love the generated ones). I asked him if he'd want this again in the future as a gift and his reply was, "um. Hell yeah." So I will definitely be purchasing again!

    Feb 13th 2017
    Steller Customer Service

    I accidentally sent my order to a non-existent address. When I called (the DAY before Valentine's Day), my situation was handled with ease. Since they were sold out of the original crate I ordered, they upgraded me for free, then shipped it over night so that it would still arrive on time. How amazing is that?! Not many companies would do that for their customers. Definitely shopping here again.

    jennifer senner
    Jan 27th 2017
    Wearing down his defenses

    So I purchased him the Whiskey Appreciation kit for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. Today he received this jerky gram and Quote/Unquote "You are wearing down my defenses when I start getting meat in the mail".
    I think it's a winner!

    Jan 4th 2017
    Best Sister in law

    Bought this for my brother in law. He was so excited to try this product. Fast shipping, great packaging! Can't wait for birthdays to come round. Picking out gifts for the year for the men in my family!

    Dec 16th 2016
    A Hit with the Hubby

    I bought the Exotic Meats Jerkygram as a pre-Christmas surprise for my Hubby. He's an adventurous eater and sworn carnivore and this was perfect! Shipping was quick, presentation awesome and the hints for card messages were a funny conversation starter. Will absolutely be back for more, I'm thinking the hot sauce maker next!

    Dec 9th 2016
    Awesome Gift

    One of my boyfriend's goals is to eat one of every animal before he dies. I thought this would be a great little gift for some new things to try. He was super excited when I gave this to him and he couldn't wait to try it. Over the next week, we would try a little bit on outings. He loved the alligator while his 6 year old daughter went crazy over the ostrich. The wild boar is heavily seasoned and a bit spicy but still good. Will buy more products from this company in the future!

    Oct 17th 2016
    For the Boss Who Has Everything

    I never know what to get for Boss's Day for the guy who has everything and is the head of Sales. He said it was definitely, 'outside of the box' and, 'the coolest'!

    Feb 22nd 2016
    Fun Gift

    I got this for my husband for valentines day. He loved it. Lots of fun things to try that he couldn't have found at a local store. I was a little disappointed it didn't come in a crate, instead just a box, but he loved it just the same

    Jan 4th 2016
    Jerky Treats

    Christmas surprise for some of the men in our family. "The jerky was great, tasted really good and fun to try different meats". A unique gift! Fast shipping.

    Retired Hunter's Wife
    Dec 26th 2015
    Unusual Christmas Gift

    I bought this for my husband who used to hunt and fish with his Dad and brothers. He cracked up and was excited to try the meats of the critters he had never hunted. We have only tried one so far, kangaroo, but it was very good. The whole family was up to give it a try. My daughter's boyfriend, who is a jerky freak, thought it was a great gift. We are all looking forward to trying the others as well and then check off the list of critters we have eaten. Great fun!

    Dec 26th 2015
    Loved It!

    This was a pre-Christmas gift for my husband. Gave it to him with the Duct Tape wrapping. He was curious at first but once he got through the duct tape and stopped laughing, he LOVED the meat treats that were inside.

    This will be on the list for gifts for special friends!

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