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    Feb 13th 2020
    Great Jerky but a little costly

    My wife got this for me for Valentines Day and it was a nice surprise. She knows I love jerky so the different flavors being individually wrapped and in the heart shaped box was nice. There isn't much jerky for the price but it was a thoughtful gift that I enjoyed.

    Jimmy parker
    Feb 8th 2020
    Best gift ever

    I was the recipient of a jerky heart. After years of bad ties goofy socks and unfashionable wallet. I finally received a gift I loved. The quality of the jerky was amazing. The variety of flavors was incredible. My only complaint is that I had to fight off my four kids for who ate white

    Feb 5th 2020
    Great product and customer service!

    The delivery company gave my package to someone else the first time, but Hailey's customer service was so helpful and quick! She got a replacement order shipped as soon as possible and made sure this one got to me! I know my boyfriend will be very happy and love this for valentine's day!

    Feb 4th 2020
    Bring on the (exotic) meats!

    These savory little nuggets of joy were just what my husband wanted. Never satisfied with the traditional cured-meat-in-a-tube he always goes for the weird flavors and textures, so this fit the bill perfectly. The best part was the surprise when he thought it was going to be a boring box of chocolates and then - surprise! - crazy cured meats instead. :)

    Feb 3rd 2020
    Shock and Awe

    Gave one of these to a buddy to see what his reaction was. Definitely shock and awe. Jerkies were tasty and lots of good stuff he never tasted before. Made an impressikn on him cause he thought it was chocolate.

    D. M.
    Jan 26th 2020
    He loved it!

    Yes it costs a bit but so worth it! He was very surprised not to find chocolate in it and loved the fact it was jerky. I didn't mind spending the extra for a unique gift.

    Rebekah Wright
    Jan 3rd 2020
    Kids loved it

    Got this for my teenage sons and they loved it

    Melissa V.
    Mar 11th 2019
    Loved this

    I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he loved it! The samples are a great way to try different jerky flavors. There was a minor issue when the item was received, but customer service was amazing. They e-mailed me back right away and fixed everything instantly. I was very happy with customer service and I will definitely be a future customer again!! Thank you!

    Feb 22nd 2019
    Pleasantly Surprised

    Have to say I was skeptical. This was a pricey gift for the amount of jerky in the package but it was a unique enough gift I was willing to give it a try. Glad I did! Great presentation and while there isn't a lot of jerky it is very high quality. Most important, my husband loved it!

    Feb 18th 2019
    He is in love

    I got this for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He is in love with it and is now searching for where he can get full size packs of the jerky

    Lori H.
    Feb 15th 2019

    My husband said it was the best jerky he ever had. All the guys at his shop were jealous, even if they razzed him all day about his big heart.

    Feb 15th 2019

    I got this and the Bloody Mary for my girlfriend she loved it heard about on dan bongino show

    Crystal madison
    Feb 13th 2019
    Exotic meats jerky heart is a must have

    Loved this! It showed up to my husbands work while he was in a meeting, he thought someone had bought him chocolates and was confused 🤣 The guys were making jokes until he opened it. 💅🏻 Now they wish I would talk to their wife’s about were I shop 🥇!! Thank you man creates I’m so buying more products from you!

    Feb 13th 2019
    too small

    the Jerky was too small for the price I paid

    Christiana Winnett
    Feb 13th 2019
    This is awesome!!

    I got it today. When I opened the box I almost fell out of my chair with laughter. I chose the duct tape wrapping...😂😂😂

    Valerie Ramos
    Feb 9th 2019
    Why not more

    I'm sad that more jerky wasn't offered especially if it's Valentines Day. I really want to order this.

    Feb 2nd 2019
    Amazing customer service

    I ordered my husband the exotic jerky heart for Valentine's day and couldn't wait to give it to him so I gave it to him early(like always). He opened it and was shocked and excited! There were 2 flavors missing so I called and the guy I talked to was so helpful. He refunded my shipping and is sending out the flavors for him. I will definitely be ordering all my husband's gifts on here. Their amazing!! Definitely recommend the exotic jerky!

    Feb 19th 2018
    Perfect VDay gift!

    This gift was awesome! I bought it for my boyfriend and he loved it, the packaging is great and the jerky was so tasty! We want to buy more of the jerky, it was so good. Is this brand available in other packages?

    Mrs Street
    Feb 14th 2018
    He loved it!

    The look on his face when he saw the heart box was classic...half fear, half "smile like you like it"...he was convinced I had bought him a box of chocolates! His relief and excitement when he opened the box was the best part :-) I LOVE that ManCrates has Valentine's gifts for men who just have no use for the usual cute-sy Valentine's 'stuff'. I struggled every year till I found this website...Thank you!!!

    Feb 12th 2018

    My bf loved this for Valentine's day, the jerky is super tasty and we're trying to figure out where to get more!
    Awesome gift.

    Feb 9th 2018
    Awesome valentines gift

    Opened before Valentine’s Day (arrived (2/9/18 and opened same day haha) because my 6 year old was too excited to give to to his dad and by that I mean eat it with him. They both LOVE it! Debating on purchasing the larger jerky package for actual Valentine’s Day now since this is sold out and I have nothing for either of them! Great gift!

    Amanda Knowlton
    Feb 7th 2018
    Worth waiting for....

    I bought this for my boyfriend and it's delicious. I'm not a jerky fan at all, but LOVE the flavors. Not salty or stale. Wonderfully balanced taste with being gamey. You want this!

    Leah Cook
    Feb 3rd 2018

    The Jerky is delicious! My husband loved the heart shaped box, and was then surprised buy delicious Jerky! A+ in my book!

    Feb 3rd 2018
    WAS going to buy it!

    The shipping costs just about the same as one of the items I was getting....

    Ashton N. Metcalf
    Dec 26th 2017

    I ordered this for my dad for Christmas. He loved it! Never had jerky so tender and well seasoned! Will order again!

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