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    Dec 28th 2018
    Exotic Meats Jerky Cane

    I was very excited to order your exotic meats Jerky Cane. However, when the cane was opened, there was only piece of exotic meat in the entire cane. One piece of wild boar and the rest was all beef. Both of the canes ordered had only one piece of exotic meat. I was very disappointed with what I expected due to the description and what actually arrived.

    Dec 12th 2018
    I knew it !!!

    I knew in some secret lab somewhere someone had invented transporters. Well ManCrate I am onto your secret. I ordered these canes with jerky’s of the exotic variety just yesterday afternoon and what is on my doorstep when I got home today ??? No... not a colony of ants seeking refuge from the cold. No..not a Girl Scout selling tasty cookies (though that would have rocked too) but the very jerky canes of strange meat. That means it had to travel from vast expanses and reach my door in a little over 24 hrs. ManCrate has done it !! I know my father and son in law will love the jerky and now let’s chat about borrowing the transporter cause lunch in Bora Bora sounds awesome !!

    Becca Conkle
    Nov 23rd 2018

    Bought 2 of these last year for Christmas for my dad and my husband. They both loved it and said the best jerky they’ve ever had! Will be ordering more this year for my husband

    Dec 24th 2018
    A bit of a misnomer

    The jerky is alright itself, but being from the mid-west, it's really just seasonal jerky. Anyone who's hunted before has had elk or venison jerky because that's kinda what you do. With it being Christmas, it is the season for elk jerky

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