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    Apr 25th 2018
    Great Crate

    Just got this as a gift for my birthday.
    LOVE IT!!! I was already looking at getting these discs on their own. These are 2 high-end discs(Putter and Driver) that are good for beginners to pro. The crates are awesome.

    Feb 10th 2018
    Almost Perfect but Misleading!

    I was giddy waiting for this come in the mail; however, once received, you could only IMAGINE how disappointed I was when I found out there wasn't a field with trees provided as the picture would lead one to believe. Now I have to go out and find a field with trees in order to make this package worth it. Otherwise, great disc golf set!

    Sep 13th 2016
    Awesome birthday present for my guy!

    A wonderful shopping experience from start to finish.

    I stumbled across this company while searching for birthday present ideas for my husband's 55th birthday. I wanted to give him a collection of fun, unusual, handcrafted gifts. I loved this idea so much that I made an exception to it being "homemade" and bought the Frisbee golf crate. So glad I did! I had it gift wrapped in the duct tape and the opening of the crate was both a workout and fun to watch (TIP--take a video!!!).

    I think I received the crate within 2-3 days of ordering (I needed it right away).

    You will not be disappointed with a purchase from Man Crates--sure you can buy the stuff in the crate cheaper but you are buying a unique gift giving experience, not just the stuff inside. My husband loved it! DEFINITELY splurge on the "gift wrap"!

    Jun 9th 2016
    My husband loves it

    My husband has been getting back into disc golf and this crate is perfect for him. He didn't own a bag to put his discs in and I knew he wouldn't buy one on his own. He loved the crate (didn't want to open it lol) This is the best crate for him! I know we will be ordering more.

    Apr 10th 2018
    Disc Golf

    Ordered this for a co-worker, and the crate did not come with any instructions or the flyer that is on the pictures in the site that states it's "disc golf" so it didn't end up being quite as awesome as it could have been since our employee was not exactly sure initially what it was. Called customer service and was told no instructions are included - was also told that recipients are just supposed to know how to play and what it is. A little disappointed to spend the money and have that happen.

    Chelsea Stuvel
    Dec 17th 2017
    Different but missing a key element

    I just got the box today. Arrived one time, and I am excited for my brothers to open it for Christmas. Only problem was that there is no crow bar for them to open their box. Could be a misunderstanding, but I was under the impression that the box came with a crow bar for the person to open the box with. All I can do is hope that my brothers have a crow bar at their house, so they can finish opening it. Otherwise, I'm in trouble.

    Aug 29th 2016
    Misleading Picture

    I realize it doesn't say specifically in the description that it comes with the the disc golf basket but I thought it did as the pictures are very misleading.
    Hi Gena,

    Thanks for your feedback! I'm sorry you felt our picture was misleading!

    We try our best to let you know in the product description on all of our product's pages about which specific items are included in that particular crate. We also try our best to show the product in action, which in this case is showing it in use at a disc golf course, and displaying the crate on a basket (typically baskets are around 5 feet tall and weigh about 120lbs, definitely not something we could fit in a crate, but luckily you can find them set up at disc golf courses around the world).

    Again, so sorry you found the picture to be misleading. Please give us a call or send off an email if there's anything we can do to help make this right!

    Lead Customer Champion
    Team Man Crates

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