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    Andrea Mitton
    Mar 11th 2017
    Concept Great, product average

    What you are really buying is the ammo crate. Just be advised that the hygrometer is not accurate or high quality, as it will tell you the humidity is around 70% which is recommended to maintain the integrity of your cigars, yet when we tested the humidity with a quality hygrometer, the humidity registered at 93%. Just be prepared to buy an accurate hygrometer.

    Jan 29th 2015
    Worth the wait

    Although there was an overselling situation involved and the gift arrived a week late, the humidor was well received and my friend loved it. Mancrates did refund the shipping charges and offered to ship another product, so very happy with the customer service.

    Dec 31st 2014
    Best Christmas present ever!

    The cigar humidor ammo can was the biggest hit this holiday. It arrived in great shape and my husband was in awe when he received it. In fact, he brought it to his favorite cigar bar and did a little bragging. He was the envy of his crowd- the oohs and aahs were endless, especially when he showed them the fitted hygrometer and humidifier. I raked in some serious wife points this year! Thanks Man Crates!

    Jan 19th 2015

    The lighter and the cutter are very high quality but the himidor is fairly useless. The size of the ammo can is just not a good fit for cigars. The humidifier they give you is the type you soak in water and they give you solution for a completely different type. The wood is hot glued to the inside of the can and its made of cheap pine. I think I will remove the wood and use the can for storing ammo.

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