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    Steve Pereira
    Jun 21st 2022
    Father’s Day Surprise

    Awesome Father’s Day gift, am really looking forward to many fine meals coming out of the skillet, once it’s properly seasoned. I’m a fan!

    However, would definitely recommend Man Crates include a sheet of paper inside the cardboard shipping box and on top of the crate that diagrams how-best to open it without damaging the wood. Stapling the lid would be better too rather then gluing it. Also instructions could be added on the other side of the sheet on how to season the skillet.

    Lori Law
    Oct 12th 2021
    Great One!

    Crate was shipped quickly. Cast iron was of great quality and my nephew loved the gift. I had to call customer service about an issue and wow, the response was swift and supportive. Wonderful!

    Richard Eifler
    Jan 24th 2021
    Christmas gift

    Got this as a Christmas gift 🎁 . Didn't know what the heck it was, & how heavy, couldn't wait to use the prybar to tear apart the "Man Crate" ! Well that was exciting for me and the family to watch. Very nice gift !! I think I made the dinner the first week i got it.. Thank you!!

    Jan 11th 2021
    These times call for comfort food!

    Gave this to my hubby for Christmas. The cast iron skillets are great! Both of our grandparents had them. Had fun sharing memories, and have definitely used them constantly! Oh, and it was soooo much fun watching him trying to open the wooden crate. Ha ha! Wish I would have had a video!

    Donna L Ballard
    Jan 4th 2021
    Happy Grandson

    Gave the Cast Iron Cooking Crate to College Grandson, he had Corn Bread baked in the top skillet the day after Christmas.
    Waiting on our new Naval Officer to arrive and open his ...
    Thinking of Ordering for youngest Sons B'day

    Jill Armstrong
    Dec 27th 2020
    Great gift

    Bought this for my dad for Christmas. Though it was an Olympic event to get the box open, he likes it. I'm typing this 2 days after Christmas and he is currently seasoning the cast iron in his oven. They will be added to his collection of cast iron items and be well used.

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