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    May 9th 2021
    Love it!

    The items are awesome, my husband loved it! Yes it didn't come in a crate, but it clearly states that and the box it comes in is still cool. I just went on amazon and got an ammo crate, it worked out perfect!

    Nancy Davies
    Feb 14th 2021
    Love it 😍

    I bought for my husband for Valentines Day - he loves to make breakfast! He loved it! The waffle mix is superior and the waffle maker cooks up perfect fluffy waffles. The syrups are all delicious. We plan on using the bacon press for grilled cheese and such. What a perfect, fun and functional gift! I also loved the fun, contemporary card options to choose from to go with the gift. Winner all around!

    Mel S.
    Jun 2nd 2020
    5 stars for customer service

    The initial kit is very adorable! Thought it would make the best Father’s Day when it did not come as satisfactory as I had liked, I called customer service and the gentleman immediately took action! I feel so secure and re-ordering with this company! I am now eagerly awaiting my new kit could not be more excited thank you again man crates!

    Kristen Mateer
    May 22nd 2020

    I sent this to my cousin and her husband as a quarantine treat. They raved about it. Said the waffles made with the included batter and the chicken cutlets they fried with the chicken coating were the best they've ever had. They loved it. The box was missing the egg cookers, but they said the rest was so good they didn't care.

    Alyssa Quinn
    Dec 16th 2020
    Not bad

    I'm super excited to gift this to my husband! I just didn't realize it wouldn't come in a fun crate to open like the rest if the gifts.

    Man Crates Response: We are so sorry to hear you are disappointed that your order did not come in a crate. We do have a few items that we sell which do not come in crates. The crates are our the base of our brand and excellent gifts. However, we choose not to limit such glorious gift-giving to just wooden boxes. We offer other legendary gifts such as our: fresh-from-the-front-lines Ammo Cans, or our insanely-delicious JerkyGrams, and most recently our line of (If-You Want-Something-Done-Right-You-Have-To-) DIY project kits.

    We do try our best to make it clear that certain items do not come in crates. Repeatedly on the site we make mention of this, specifically under the "add to cart" button we have written "This product ships in a box (NOT A CRATE) " as well as including a picture of how the item ships. In the product description we also have listed "Delivered: In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE)" shown on the page. On the cart page before you process your order we have also included this message and another picture of how the items ships as well. Sorry if you missed any or all of these signals, we've done our best
    o try and give you a heads up!

    We’re sorry for any confusion resulting from the purchase that was thought to be coming in a crate. As always, we have a very generous return policy and if you wish you can return the item for a complete refund for any reason.

    The bottom line is, we're not happy until you're happy, please let us know if there's anything I can do to turn this around! Also, please let us know if you would like to start up a return or if there is anything else I can help with. Feel free to give us a call at 866-902-7260 or drop us a line at Have a good one!

    -Team Man Crates

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