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    Laurie Melick
    Feb 16th 2021
    Who does not love a birdhouse?

    Great quality and many hours of self gratification of building something!! This is an amazing Covid funk killer with family.

    Paul & Gail Amyot
    Jan 16th 2021
    Morning Entertainment

    Delightful fun puzzle for two seniors to do with their morning coffee. All the pieces were perfectly die cut with easy instructions. Our property is certified by the National Wildlife Federation. I’m sure our new birdhouse will be the talk of all the birds as they will be clamoring to take up residence

    Jenn S.
    Jun 24th 2020
    Great gift to keep you busy!

    I sent this to my Dad for Father's Day- he loved it! I can't wait to see pictures when he puts it together- and my stepmom will be in charge of decorating it(and making sure he follows the directions LOL). Next time I get him something, I"ll be sure to get the duct tape wrapping..or would that be mean? Nahhh! Thanks again for shipping this so quickly!

    Denise Andrews
    Apr 4th 2020
    waiting patiently

    I am waiting patiently to get this in the mail. With the virus keeping us inside, my husband and I will enjoy working on this craft together. I will write back after all is completed! I purchased the grilling man crate for my husband's birthday! He really loved that! He uses the suede bar-be-que gloves every chance he gets! TY, Man Crates P.S. How about adding a 'She Crate'??!! Just a thought!

    Julie Griffith
    Jul 17th 2019
    My husband loved it

    He is having such a good time putting this together and painting it. This is one gift he didn’t see coming. Cool mancrates, very cool!

    Lucy Loo
    Jun 11th 2019
    So clever

    Hope this is back in stock soon! It looks like a super fun activity for a family. The description put a smile on my face and sparked some joy in my heart. Well done, Man Crates. :) wonderfully creative

    Gloria Maturi
    Apr 27th 2021
    Wish it were sturdier....

    Bought this as a gift for my brother to keep him from becoming bored during the pandemic. He completed it and gifted me back the finished birdhouse. As much as I love the design, I am sad that it's not holding up to some windy days. It's slowly falling apart, even as I keep reattaching the parts back onto the "camper".

    Michelle Brandseth
    Jul 29th 2021
    Struggle with birdhouse maker kit

    Had trouble with getting pieces in, a few broke, screw to short for wheels and axel part

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