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    From Canada
    Oct 5th 2019
    Awesome gift

    I sent this to my friends who are recently engaged. They loved it. They forgot to include the margarita mix, but I texted the company and they sent one ASAP. They said both mixes were really good and plan to order more of the michelada mix.

    E. M.
    Apr 18th 2018

    Fantastic gift! Got it for my friends who loved it. Made the mistake of giving it to my buddy while he was inebriated and he tried to punch through it lol he failed luckily and then noticed the crowbar. Will definately buy again from this site for future gifts!

    Apr 5th 2018
    Beer Margarita Crate

    Purchased as 48th Birthday gift for my son who lives in Brooklyn (I am in California) and he sent me a video of him opening it! Priceless... a great unique gift! My daughter’s 56th is next month and so happy to see there are “Man Crates” for females as well.... she is next to enjoy the rewards from this amazing site!

    Mar 5th 2018
    5 star

    I got the Booze Infused Jerky for husband, Beer Margarita for son, 88 NASCAR for son and the Saloon Nuts for brother-in-law for Christmas gifts all loved it and had a hard time opening them with the crowbar. I'm waiting to here from grandson about the Pizza one I got him for birthday. They were worth every penny to watch them opening there gifts.

    Sep 22nd 2017
    Looking like we OWN the pool :)

    Ordered the Beer Margarita Crate and brought it with us to our Countryclub. EVERYBODY was jealous of our beverages, and kept asking the staff if they could also get beer-clips for their drinks (which they couldn't). ABSOLUTELY recommend, this crate was TOO MUCH FUN!! :)

    Barbara Quinn
    Dec 28th 2018

    Be careful when you add the tape to gift, ours came upside down and when my daughters boyfriend opened it everything was open n everything fell out of the crate - I guess in shipping the crate wasn’t sealed all the way and after opening the taped box, no crow bar was. But we put everything back in put the crate top on redid it and he loved it.

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