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    Barbie Taylor
    Dec 6th 2022
    Man crates

    I am very pleased with everything that I have ordered for my husband. You guys definitely don't disappoint on anything!

    Jun 19th 2021

    My father is super hard to buy for and his birthday is one week after fathers day. I came across this website and took a chance ordering him a few things. He LOVED them all. A must get for the hard to buy for guy!! It did arrive a day later than is was supposed to but it still arrived before Father's Day thankfully!

    Feb 8th 2020
    Valentines Day Surprise

    This has been the second man crate that I have gotten for my husband and he has loved them both. This bacon crate was perfect and the getting into the box was always fun watching him work to get to the prize inside😁 I am sure to get him more.

    Pam K.
    Jul 4th 2019
    Nephew almost peed his pants!

    My nephew turned 10 in May and got his first Man Crate, which was my first order. My sister said he couldn't wait to call and tell me how great it was! She also said he almost peed his pants when he realized he got beef jerky, not the flowers I send his sisters! He lives in TN and I live in MN, so it was really awesome to be able to send him something bad ass in the mail! I really couldn't be happier and neither could he. Thanks guys!

    Jan 4th 2019
    Great stuff

    Just got my crate had hard time opening it was very surprised with the different flavors of jerky what kind of glue do you guys use to that's great also love the pry bar

    Jan 11th 2018
    Patiently waiting and excited!!

    So I ordered the Booze Infused JerkyGram back in October for a Christmas present for my brother who’s in the military because I wanted it to be in stock for Christmas (along with the Bacon JerkyGram for my dad) for when he was home for a few days. Sadly, the day it was supposed to arrive it did not come. I emailed man crates that day and they responded quickly and in a professional manner. They were extremely helpful and professional about the situation of my gifts not arriving on time. They offered to refund my money on both gifts that were supposed to arrive that day, refund my shipping price, and still give me my gifts free of charge now. AMAZING. Talk about some impressive customer service. They have answered any and all of my questions in a polite manner. And they even shipped my brothers to a different address/location (free of charge) since he would be back on base and no longer home when his present would arrive. Highly recommend ManCrates to anyone!! Accidents happen, and they definitely made up for it and were extremely professional about the whole situation. I have not received this product yet, but that’s because it is currently out of stock but they have reassured me once it is in stock it will be sent my way. My brother loved his Booze Infused JerkyGram, and I cannot wait for my dad to get his Bacon JerkyGram!!

    Oct 17th 2017
    Awesome gift!

    My boyfriend loved the jerkygram! He said the bacon jerky was delicious (and he won't share). I am so glad there is a way to send more masculine gifts to your guy since women get the flowers and chocolates. Thanks again! I will be ordering from you guys again!

    Feb 15th 2017
    Valentine's Day Surprise

    What could be better than Chocolate and Whiskey on the day of love? DUH! BACON!!! I have the best most thoughtful wife ever! Oh and thanks for making it so simple to help my wife score major points!

    Nov 18th 2016
    reaction- priceless

    I got this for my ex-fiance/best friend for his birthday. he's a former army special forces medic so I paid extra for the duct tape wrapping for some extra fun...his reaction was absolutely priceless!

    After receiving it, he immediately took to facebook to exclaim how all his friends are douchebags and asked who sent him anthrax. After some hesitation and random prodding, he decided to open it once he determined it was not a bomb. he didnt end up liking all the flavors but he thought it was a good gift in general. will definitely be buying gifts from here again!

    Emma Molina
    Sep 8th 2016

    He really LOVED it, fast shipping and great quality, bought these as extra bacon to his Bacon crate because there's never tooooo much bacon. He received 2 crates (personalize coffee mug and Bacon crate) and this bacon jerkygram today and really enjoyed opening ALL OF THEM. It really did surprise him. He has a bacon obsession calling it a gift from heaven yet kills you slowly just like satan which for him bacon can be compared to women lol. Any who man crate you're awesome. !!!! will buy more in the future.

    Jun 20th 2016
    Bacon Jerky is Bomb!

    Its like eating candy, sweet sweet jerky candy! Only Better, because its bacon. Cool gift for the man who loves bacon and jerky!

    Jun 18th 2016
    Unbelievably GOOD

    My daughter sent me a JerkyGram for Father's Day. I cannot believe how good this stuff is! I'm telling all of my FB friends how good it is! CRAZY GOOD!! Go get you some o' dat!!! NOW!

    May 9th 2016
    Bacon Jerky

    My daughter sent me three types of your BACON JERKY for my birthday. I have never tasted anything soooo good!! My wife asked me for a piece and I refused LMAO. We may be divorced over this LOL.

    too good to be true.
    K. Knuth

    Feb 25th 2016

    I bought this for a guy I just started seeing for Valentines Day. Had no idea what to get him so I thought this would be perfect. He LOVED it! He couldn't stop talking about it.

    Brandon Olszewski
    Feb 9th 2016

    I got this as a care package from my mother and it seriously is one of the best snacks I have ever eaten! I can't stop eating it. OMG. Whoever thought of this, I just want to thank you for this treat.

    Feb 1st 2016
    Buy it again!

    I sent the Bacon Jerkygram to my son away at boarding school. A great change-up from my past care packages! He loved it, as did many of his dorm mates. I will definitely send again.

    Jan 21st 2016

    My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this jerky! Your products are absolutely top quality! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

    It's my second time ordering from mancrates. This time there was an issue with the shipping address, I contacted them and they fixed the issue immediately. WONDERFUL service! Just absolutely love everything about this website.

    Laurie Bruce
    Dec 27th 2015

    Our grandson had a big grin on his face when he told us about receiving and opening his ManCrates. He was very happy with his gifts. Thank you for offering such a unique and fun product.

    Dec 25th 2015
    it was a gift

    o my god amazing my younger brother got me this for xmas i thought he was being cheap but i bit in and fell into heaven :)

    Nov 2nd 2015
    Great Birthday Gift!

    For any one who loves bacon, this is such an awesome gift! The packaging, the contents and especially the customer service received from Will were all tremendous!

    Oct 6th 2015
    A nice little extra!

    I recently ordered a mancrate for my nephew's birthday and there was an issue with shipping. Customer Champion Will sent the Jerkeygram to my nephew to apologize. He was thrilled, I was thrilled and overall reinforced my feelings that Mancrates customer service is THE BEST

    Sep 9th 2015

    This was a fun surprise for my husband, he loved it!

    Jul 20th 2015

    I sent out 3 of these at the start of the year, I am still hearing rave reviews about the products!
    You can't go wrong with bacon!

    May 6th 2015
    So Smart!

    This was a perfect gift to send to my brother in law that lives hundreds of miles away. He loved every bit of it, especially the honey jalapeno. We also loved the funny note that you could create with it. Great for someone who's on a budget but still wants to get a guy something great.

    Cathy Ladbury
    Apr 8th 2015

    WOW! So tasty. Ordered this previously for my husband,who let me try a sample of each. I'm not a big fan of jerky in general,but when I recently ordered this for my son-in-law, I also ordered extra for my daughter and I to enjoy! Soooo delicious! Great gift for a hard-to-buy-for guy (or gal).

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