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    Sep 22nd 2020
    Hubby loved it!

    My husband is a car guy, he likes to take car of them and make them look good, so I got him this kit to try out. The crate is so cool! He kept it to store stuff in. He loved the car items except for the collapsible bucket, he didn't care for that. His favorite thing was the Chemical Guys wash, he fell in love with the brand and that's what he likes to use now. I'd say it was a successful gift. Only negative I have is that I wish the pricing was more affordable.

    Jun 23rd 2020
    Dad loved it!

    Very nice, high quality car cleaning gadgets that were right up Pop's alley! He loved it all! Especially the bucket!! He had lots of fun opening it and said the crow bar was the best part of the gift! My second time buying a Man Crate and I cant wait to gift more!!

    Mar 25th 2019

    Thank god that I had got this crate before it sold out. Amazing product cleans cars like a charm.

    Sarah Gilbert
    Feb 25th 2018
    ...a good chuckle

    Bought this kit for my son and his girlfriend, they both have new vehicles and I thought they'd love it. When Jordyn lifted the crate out of the shipping box to open it the bottom fell off the crate. We had a good laugh about it, I wish I got it on video so she could show her friends.

    All the items are awesome, the watering can and sprayer head will come in handy this summer for sure!!

    Kristen Vining
    Jan 19th 2018
    Perfect for the classic car lovers

    My husband loved the contents as much as opening it. Given for Christmas this year. He takes good care of us and his special rolling collection of classic cars. Suitable for a Prince, a General, and everyone in between that appreciates the automobile, hard work, restoration, and preservation. GO USA!

    Vanessa McGarry
    Dec 26th 2019
    a little overpriced for the items IMO

    I originally wanted to get my son the workout crate but it was sold out so I purchased this one for him instead. Compared to the other crates I purchased, I feel this one is a bit overpriced for what is received. His crate was also the easiest one to get into. He popped the lid right off while the others took a bit longer.

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