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    Dec 4th 2021
    Dad and son

    Got this for dad and son. Did not disappoint. Wish there were more options..

    helga thomas
    Dec 10th 2020
    arcade making kit

    it came nicely packaged. unfortunately i was under the assumption that it would be in a crate but i didnt read that part, my fault, so i was a little disappointed, but im sure the guys will enjoy this anyway. ill be more careful the next time

    Jun 17th 2020
    My dad loved it

    It was fun to make and play with

    Al L.
    Feb 8th 2020
    Fun, Quick, Easy. IF you follow the directions !

    Pieces popped out extremely easy. Most fell out while removing the restraining paint tape. Only a couple bound up while removing. A simple pass with an Exacto knife solved that. Force it, yeah, you'll damage it, it's relatively thin wood. Use common sense and take your time. I had planned on staining the wood on mine before assembly, but impatience took over. It's still bare wood.

    But it's fun and easy to assemble. I would recommend it to anyone that can follow instructions and not do the "this should go here" method of assembly and rush things.

    Kids (and adults) of the "instant gratification" mindset that want it finished NOW should skip this kit. To do it proper does take some time. But you'll enjoy the results.

    Jun 24th 2019

    Took about 3 hrs to create and has been a blast to play with!

    Jun 17th 2019

    So....the kids got this for dad for Father's Day. Well, it's Fathers Day and they've been working on it. They are a semi-handy adult, and 13- and 10-year old kids. There has been a lot of frustration. Hoping the finished project is worth the tension. Some of the pieces are not popping out easily, a piece cracked in punching it out, and they have found the instructions sometimes confusing. Still holding out that the finished project redeems itself.

    Will M
    Mar 3rd 2020
    Fragile and bad tolerances

    Cool idea, but everything was so brittle, and tolerances too tight leading to frustrating breakages and tedious sanding. Was not fun, do not recommend

    Marcia Morgan
    May 8th 2020
    Cute idea, poor product

    Small Pieces did not pop out easily, need other tools (exacto knife) to cut them out. They don't fit together. Certainly NOT stress free. Gave it as a gift and the person got so upset they gave it back to me. Huge disappointment.

    Man Crates Response: Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback, I’m so sorry to hear you were disappointed in the Arcade Game Making Kit you received. We do our best to offer a great value for the price and we're sorry to hear we missed that mark for you!

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, so when you're not happy, we're not happy! We'd be glad for the opportunity to work with you to make this right by offering a product replacement, discount, or we can arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we’d be happy for the opportunity to make this right ASAP!

    -Team Man Crates

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